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10 Tips You Need to Know About a Bathtub

For the bathtub, many people love it and hate it. When they don't have it, they want it. When they have it, they often don't have time to use it. They have to clean it. But the circular bathtub, as an object that enhances the well-being of the bathroom, wants to use it better. The following ten little knowledge, I hope you can know:

(1) There are many types of bathtubs. The freestanding bathtub does not need to be placed against the wall, and can be placed at will according to the design of the bathroom; the built-in bathtub is much safer to use than the freestanding bathtub, and the installation space against the wall does not occupy an area; There is a massage function in the skirted bathtub, which can be used more comfortably, completely remove the fatigue from the body, and relax yourself better. Common shapes on the market include heart, circle, square and some irregular shapes.

(2) There are many styles of bathtubs, which must be selected according to the size of the bathroom area.

(3) The most common materials for circular bathtubs are acrylic, cast iron and wooden barrels. Cast iron bathtubs basically do not hear sound when pouring water, and are more durable, but the price will be slightly higher; acrylic bathtubs have strong thermal insulation, low cost, some very unique shapes, and the overall appearance is good; wooden bathtubs are the best. It is environmentally friendly, but it is really difficult to clean, and it will crack after a long time.

(4) When choosing a bathtub with massage properties, the sound is the most important. There are showers and switches on the side of the cylinder, the massage system is hidden in the pipes behind, and the noise of the motor should not be too loud.

(5) Acrylic material is the style that most people will choose, but it is not resistant to high temperature, and the glaze is easily scratched by hard objects. Pay attention when cleaning, and do not wipe with sharp objects.

(6) Some people like to put things in the bath to enhance the comfort of the bath, but remember not to leave metal objects in the bathtub. If it is not cleaned in time, it will cause the surface of the bathtub to rust.

(7) It is best to choose a brand with an offline physical store for the brand of small independent bathtub, whether it is quality or after-sales service, it is trustworthy.

(8) The decontamination ability of old newspapers is good. If you are confused about cleaning, you can try it. It is more effective for acrylic and cast iron bathtubs.

(9) There should not be a shelf directly above the bathtub. It is very relaxed when taking a bath. It will be bad if something falls. If you need to watch dramas or read books, it is more convenient to choose a shelf and put it on the top of the bathtub.

(10) Taking a bath after drinking can easily lead to some cardiovascular diseases. When the human body takes a bath, the glucose in the body will be consumed in large quantities due to the acceleration of blood, and it is easy to shock. No matter what type or brand of bathtub you choose, take a bath or choose the premise of your body's needs.

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