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Above Counter Basin

We adhere to the principle of providing the best washing experience for our customers, offer them various shapes and styles of above counter basins, including above counter basin rectangle, above counter basin round, above counter basin square, etc. In style, we have above counter basin vanity and simple, you definitely can select the suitable above counter hand basin which you want. Most of our above counter basin sinks are made of solid surface, and have warm matte finish and glossy surface reaches the top level. The surface of above counter wash basin is smooth, easy to clean and not yellowing. We design above counter basin vanity according to different markets, above the counter basin concave inclined design, let you use will not produce water splash. The margin of the bathroom vanity above counter basin has good sense of line, corner chamfer do smooth processing, won’t scratch fingers. Whatever compact above counter basin, deep above counter basin, or above counter basin small, they all can meet your needs. Choose us to give yourself an excellent rinse experience.


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