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Advantage of KKR solid surface bathtub in production

Advantage of KKR solid surface bathtub in production

The importance of solid surface material is to ensure that the air which might be pulled into the mix as agitated is pulled out by the vacuum pump before the mix is poured into a mold. This is the only way to remove air bubbles from the mix and ultimately the inside of the finished bathtub. Since any air pocket or bubble inside the finished fixture could dramatically weaken the fixture it might some day lead to a crack or failure of the product.

At Kingkonree when we say “solid” we mean solid. If you were to saw one of our fixtures in half you would not see any voids, air pockets or bubbles anywhere in the cross section. Removing the air from the liquid mix before pouring is the best way to guarantee this but Kingkonree incorporates the extra step of gently agitating the mix as it is poured into the mold just to make sure any air which might arise from the pouring process itself rises from the matrix and exits the mold cavity before it can become trapped inside the fixture. This is yet another step in the process of making a high quality fixture. Cultured marble shops don’t use kind of way. They’re expensive, technically challenging and subject to operator failure.


Marble fabricators mix their low tech mix in large pots, like a huge kitchen mixer, often with “close enough” measurements of ingredients then simply pour the mix into a mold to harden. They don’t vacuum out the air as it’s mixed and they don’t agitate the mold after pouring it thereby virtually guaranteeing air pockets are trapped inside the product, eventually leading to the pits and cracks so often seen in cultured marble after several years of use.


At Kingkonree each and every solid surface bathtub or shower fixture is hand made to order with the finish and color you desire; whether matte or gloss. After de-molding a bathtub or shower floor we sand and polish every inch of it by hand. one fixture at a time, to a beautiful, long lasting, lustrous and non-porous finish.

Because the color of a Kingkonree solid surface fixture goes all the

way through it, scratch it, even deeply, and you can repair it easily and economically

with just ordinary sandpaper and polishing compound. You can’t do that with imitation solid surface because the color you see is literally only skin deep.


Don’t settle for a cheap imitation solid surface bath fixture. As the old saying goes

“Beauty is only skin deep” implying it’s what’s inside that really matters. We couldn’t agree more. At Kingkonree bath every solid surface bathtub or shower fixture we make is just as beautiful inside as it is on the outside.


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