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Advantages Of Solid Surface Countertop

Advantages Of Solid Surface Countertop

When envisioning your kitchen remodel you may be thinking that a stone countertop is the only way to go, but don’t count solid surface countertop out just yet. With a wide range of color and style options, solid surface countertop can give you more freedom than stone countertop without the same downfalls.

Any shape imaginable

The biggest advantage to solid surface countertop is the flexible design possibilities. Solid surface countertop are made through a fabrication process of cutting, gluing and polishing that is applied to mixtures of resins, aluminum and pigments. This means they can be formed to any shape or size.

You can even have an integral solid surface sink built seamlessly into the counters, or in some cases, have functions built right into the solid surface countertop - like a drying rack for dishes that drains into the sink.

Solid surface countertop also give you the option of adding unique colors and patterns to your counters. Forget the been-there-done-that patterns that are naturally found in stone countertop. With solid surface countertop, you can get as creative as you want.


Durability is an area where most people believe that stone is superior to solid surface, but that’s not true. As a nonporous countertop, solid surface countertop are resistant to stains, mildew and bacteria - and small scratches can be buffed out easily.

A solid surface countertop is susceptible to damage from heat and deep scratches, but as long as you aren’t placing hot pans directly on the counters and you remember to use a cutting board – which you should do with any countertops – your solid surface countertop will look stunning for years to come.


Another benefit of solid surface countertop is the absence of unsightly seams. With a special adhesive and some light buffing you’ll never be able to tell where the pieces of your counter come together.

You can also do your part to help the environment by choosing solid surface countertop that have been made with recycled materials.

When choosing countertops for your kitchen remodel, every surface type will have good and bad qualities. If you’re looking for flexibility in your design though, it’s hard to beat a well-made solid surface countertop.


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