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Artificial stone washbasin Features as a New Market Favorite

Artificial stone washbasin Features as a New Market Favorite

Artificial stone washbasin is made of artificial stone, also named “ solid surface “ , which is a new composite material, resin fillers, pigments mixed with unsaturated polyester and adding a small amount of initiator, after a certain processing procedures made. Together with the different pigment in the manufacturing process can be made of colorful, shiny jade resembles natural marble products have. Because of its non-toxic, non-radioactive, flame retardant, non-stick oil, sewage infiltration, anti-bacterial anti-mildew, wear, impact resistance, easy maintenance, seamless joint, bending to any shape, etc., Artificial stone washbasin is gradually becoming the decoration materials market new favorite.

Artificial stone washbasin Features: Light weight (compared with natural stone), high hardness, oil dirt and corrosion. Sheet metal thickness uniformity, gloss, light effect, no deformation, anti-aging fire, no radiation, anti-infiltration, can be bent according to customer demand, seamless bonding, really unaware of the natural realm.

Artificial stone washbasin small tips

(1) Do not place hot objects directly or put on for a long time on artificial stone countertop sink.
(2) Do not use sharp objects to scratch the
artificial stone sink.
(3) K
eep artificial stone washbasin surface dry condition.


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