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Development for the artificial stone bathtubs

Development for the artificial stone bathtubs

    Now bathtub towards the simplification and overall development in the world.

    In the early 1990s of China, fiberglass bathtub is the easiest tub while in mid period, it appeared acrylic and cast iron bathtub; cast iron bathtub is hard to process. Besides, it is heavy and has no insulation; while the convenient processing and lightweight of acrylic bathtub makes it spread around the world. But it will waste a lot during process, in order to enhance the competitiveness of the industry, enterprise hard to change the appearance of the product and promote business.

   Until 2003, it arouse the minimalism so as to form a branch of bathtub: classic bathtub and modern bathtub. 13 years passed, the development of acrylic bathtub has peaked, it is difficult to have a big breakthrough, besides, acrylic bathtub has biggest drawback is that there are more than 95% of the bathtub and the skirt separated, thereby undermining the integrity and fluency for lines.

    So overall, artificial stone bathtub begin to appear. It overcomes many deficiencies of acrylic and cast iron bathtub, which follow the trend and direction of development of the times. The shape of artificial stone bathtub is very beautiful, it can give you a different experience. The artificial stone bathtub has many obvious advantages, such as high surface finish, heat transfer coefficient, good antibacterial activity, high strength and good toughness, etc.

     Artificial stone bathtub will replace acrylic and cast iron tub to become fashionable upscale bath and acrylic products will eventually become affordable product. For more artificial stone bathtubs, you can see our website.


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