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How do you install a wash basin?

How do you install a wash basin?

The wash basin is an important part of the bathroom decoration, and also is a necessity in our daily life, so it's very practical to learn how to install a wash basin, Whether you are planning to install a new wash basin or replace the old wash basin, although different tools are required to install different types of wash basins, the basic steps are similar, which means installing wash basin is a useful skill.


Main points of this article

1. Preparation

2. Install a newwash basin

3. Finishing the Job



Before starting to dismantle the old wash basin, the first thing to do is to close the water supply valve, unless you want to take a shower in advance, the water supply valve is usually under the wash basin, to ensure that there is no water supply in the pipeline before continuing.


Install a new wash basin

After you dismantle the old wash basin, the next step is to install a new wash basin, apply silicone on the underside of the wash basin, and fix the new wash basin. In order to maintain the beauty, remember to clean the excess silica gel, according to the unique design of the washbasin, the place where different wash basins need to be coated with silicone may be different, depending on the actual situation. Make sure that the wash basin is fixed, then, install the faucet. The faucet is usually screwed directly onto the water supply pipe. Remember not to forget the rubber gasket. It is used to ensure that the faucet does not leak. Finally, connect the tail piece and the drain pipe. Drain the pipe from the bottom of the sink and tighten the nut from below. Also don't forget the rubber washer. If there is no rubber washer, you can also use silicone reinforcement.


Finishing the Job

When you have completed the above two steps, your wash basin has basically been installed, but there are still some after-work jobs that cannot be omitted. We have to make sure that the water pipes match the new device, including the drain pipe and the faucet. Have you done any anti-leakage treatment to ensure that the seams of the washbasin are filled with silica gel, then, let the silica gel dry for 24 hours. After twenty-four hours, open the water supply valve and faucet to see if there is leakage, if not, Congratulations, you got a new washbasin. If there is leakage, immediately turn off the water supply, check for leaks, and deal with them in time.


Summary of this article

Wash basin is a necessity in our home, which means installing wash basin is a practical skill, fitting everything into your perfect bathroom can often be a challenge, which is why bath store shows a huge range of wash basin of all shapes and sizes. Browse our stylish wash basin by shape to find one that fit your needs.

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