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How to Choose Wash Basins for Luxury Bathrooms

bathroom wash basin

The bathroom is an important part of the house. A good bathroom is a place that is very suitable for us to relax. The wash basin is an easy-to-ignored element in the bathroom decoration, but a suitable wash basin can enhance the overall decoration of the bathroom. But picking a suitable wash basin for your bathroom is a very annoying thing. There are too many kinds of wash basins in the market.


Main points of this article

1. Factors to consider when choosing basins

2. Different kinds of bathroom basin

3. Pros and cons


Factors to consider when choosing basins

Buying a suitable wash basin is a very annoying thing, because there are so many types of wash basins on the market, such as wall mounted basin, above counter basin, freestanding basin, which is the best for you? There are many factors to consider, first of all, you have to consider the number of your family. If you are a large family, you may need a double wash basin. The other thing to consider is the decoration style of your room. It is also important to consider the style of wash basin, classic, or modern, round or square, choosing a suitable wash basin can better undertake your room style to achieve the effect of displaying personality.


Different kinds of bathroom basin

Wall-mounted sink

The wall-mounted sink is a type of wash basin that is very common in life. Compared with other styles of wash basins, the wall-mounted sink is directly installed on the wall and does not occupy any floor space, giving your bathroom a simple and practical Feel, but wall-mounted sinks generally do not provide any storage space.

Freestanding basin

The freestanding wash basin has a very good shape design. The shape of the free standing basin is a typical minimalist style. It is generous, simple and stylish. It gives a bright feeling to the eye. The free standing basin brings a strong Nordic feel to your room and makes your life even more Convenient and comfortable, while improving the decoration level of your room.

Above Counter sink

The above counter sink is the latest trend in interior design. It is stylish, practical and easy to install. It is widely used in hotels and public places. Similarly, it can be used in private homes to achieve good use and decorative effects. The appearance of the above counter sink is full of design and will make the whole room look more stylish, modern and refined, but the above counter sink will have some trouble for children. Because of the existence of the cabinet, the use of children will be inconvenient, it is easy to splash water everywhere. .

The Wall Mount

Wall Mount wash basins usually have a basin mounted on the bathroom wall with the help of screws. The position and height of the mount depends on the preference of the user. When choosing wall mount basins, it is important to go for options that are not too heavy as having a heavy basin held by mere screws for a very long time may not be advisable.


Pros and cons

Wall mount basin

Pros: Having a wall-mounted sink will save you a ton of space, as there are no cabinets, draws or vanities sitting underneath it, which in turn give you more visible floor space, which will create the illusion of a much bigger bathroom! If you’re going to have a wall mounted sink, making sure that all the plumbing fixtures, including the waste, is positioned inside the wall so that you get that slick clean look.

Cons: there is no storage space under the sink, and as there’s no countertop, you can’t pile all your makeup and necessary bathroom items near the sink.  

Above counter basin

Pros: A above counter basin can be used on pretty much any type of material, so whether you have a wooden vanity or a laminated countertop, the cut-out is completely covered by the wash basin so it won’t be able to pick up any water damage.

Cons: Water spilled on the counter is more difficult to clean, you won’t be able to simply wipe water spill off the counter straight into the basin!

Freestanding basin

Pros: Freestanding basins and sinks are usually very deep, allowing you to fill them up with a ton of water, which is great if you love using the basin for shaving and other tasks that require a nice full basin of water. They are also so attention demanding that they very easily work as the main feature in a your bathroom

Cons: you have to properly measured and planned your counter space in coordination with your sink so that you don’t end up with a basin which sits too high and feels uncomfortable to use.



Here in KKR, we have various types, shapes and prices wash-basins that are designed to match various styles of bathrooms from traditional to eclectic. What is your bathroom style? Classic, metropolitan or easy? You can always find the perfect wash-basins to reflect your personality and style from KKR.


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