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How to Install a Bathtub?


Fitting everything into your perfect bathroom can often be a challenge, which is why bath store shows a huge range of bath tubs of all shapes and sizes. Browse our stylish tubs by shape to find one that fit your needs. All our bath tubs are crated according to the highest standards, whether you’re looking for a modern round bathtub or a classical square bathtub, you can be assured of a quality addition to your bathroom suite.


Main points of this article

1. Removing the old bathtub

2. Fitting the new tub and installing the drain

3. Securing the tub and surround


Removing the old bathtub

When you plan to install a new bathtub, the first thing to do is to remove the old bathtub. First you have to turn off the water supply to the bathroom, and turn on the faucet to drain the water from the water pipe, then, you can remove the bathtub together with the tiles on the wall around the existing bathtub,then gain access to the pipes and take out the old tub. First, unscrew the old bathtub drain and drain from the p-trap underneath the tub., then tip up the tub and remove it from the bathroom.

Fitting the new tub and installing the drain

After the old bathtub is removed, measure the space in the bathroom for installing a new bathtub. Also measure the size of the bathroom door to make sure that the size of the new bathtub you purchase is smaller than the size of the door. Otherwise, there may be a embarrassing situation that the new bathtub cannot enter your bathroom, Make sure you have the right accessories to connect the water supply to the faucet you purchased. Then attach the drain to the bath tub, before you put the bathtub, put the drain on it. Cover the bottom of the filter with the plumber's putty and press it into the bathtub from the inside. Place a gasket around the outside of the bottom of the bath, which is a long pipe that includes an overflow drain. Finally connect the overflow.


Securing the tub and surround

Carefully position the tub in the alcove so that the drain reset over the drain opening in the floor, secure the tub to the studs, there will be a small flange, or vertical lip, around the outside of the tub, connect the water lines and install your accessories and connect the drain to the p-trap and caulk the tub to the floor, 24 hours later, if there is no leaking, Congratulations, your new tub is ready.


Summary of this article

Bathtub can be a great artifact in your bathroom. There are so many contemporary designs these days that you will think which one to select. if you are planning to all new at your home don’t miss checking online for the range of designs. KKR is a professional company that can offer you a one-stop solution for your bathroom decoration, you don’t even need to worry the installing problem. Just click the link to get your perfect bath tub.



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