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How to choose the bathtub sizes?

How to choose the bathtub sizes?

Are you confused when you buy a bathtub? The suitable size is very important. Here share a guide of bathtub size from Kingkonree Company.

Below is the sizes of square bathtub:

1.The length of the square bathtub basically these types: 1.5-1.9m,but most of them are using a length of 1.7 m, the majority of Chinese people's average Height.

2. The width of the square bathtub basic: 0.7 m, 0.75 m, 0.8 m, 0.85 m, 0.9 m is relatively rare, the most frequently used is 0.8 meters.

3. Basic square bathtub height: 0.58 m to 0.65 m common.


There is little difference between the size of the oval bathtub and square bathtub, just there is a bath less than 1.4 meters in length, the height is relatively high, mainly of solid surface.

Heart-shaped bathtub is on the angle usuallyalthough it’s relatively large of the footprint, the dead space of toilet, just to be used. And the shape of the heart-shaped is cute, liked by girls. The general both sides of the heart-shaped bathtub is 1.5 meters, but also some on both sides are not necessarily the same. We must have a good amount of the size of the bathroom to buy.

The round bathtub is large generally, the diameter is 1.4 m to 1.5 m. The water consumption of the round bath is relatively great, the occupancyarea is large too, most is used in villa. Triangle bathtub is generally used less.

Hope it will be helpful.


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