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How to choose the suitable freestanding basin?

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Wash basin is a fashion supplement to any bathroom renovation or new residence, but there are so many type of wash basin at the market, among this types, freestanding basin is a special one, it’s more simple and elegant, practical is the highlight of freestanding basin, it’s is a popular choice among customers, but do you really know about freestanding sink? We need to learn something about freestanding basin before we make the shopping decision, only in this way, we can choose the perfect freestanding basin for our bathroom.


Here are main points of this article

1.Features and details

2.Advantages of freestanding sink

3.Tips for choosing a suitable freestanding basin


Features and details

Compare with other type of wash basin, freestanding sink are more simple and elegant, it has no counter, the design concept of freestanding basin is pursue simplicity, the main color of freestanding basin is black and white, so simple and elegant, freestanding basin represent the freshness and simplicity of nordic style design, the wide variety of shapes and sizes is sure to appeal to the style conscious who wants affordable luxury design, And it has small size, which means it is a great choice for most customers, the smooth lines of bathroom basin makes it more stylish and easy to clean,


Advantages of freestanding basin

Due to freestanding basin is smaller and simpler, freestanding basin is suitable for most restroom, and because the simple design, freestanding basin has no spare part, which means freestanding basin can save more space for your bathroom, and freestanding basin has a underbody, it makes freestanding basin more stable and solid. And the floor-mount design helps make for an easy and quick installation.


 How to choose a suitable freestanding basin

As we know freestanding basin is a perfect choice for most bathroom, but we need to consider some details to choose the perfect freestanding sink for your bathroom, here is some tips for you to help you choose a satisfied freestanding basin, the first element is size, The size of the freestanding sink plays a huge role when deciding which type of freestanding basin to choose. You need to consider who will be using this space and what the functionality of the basin is for. Second is location, freestanding basins need to be easily accessible. And you need to save some space for your big mirror above the basin. It is important to ensure you have enough space around the freestanding basin for toiletries if you have less storage space. Basins that are to be used regularly for general hygiene reasons should be robust and sturdy to withstand the use of these accessories. The last one is style, there are plenty style of basins at the market from these days, it’s important to choose a freestanding basin that is match the design of your bathroom, you need to think about how the bathroom basin will make your bathroom look like.




Here in KKR, we have various types, shapes and prices freestanding basins that are designed to match various styles of bathrooms from traditional to modern. And we promise our wash basin all made with molds, guarantee the quality. What is your bathroom style? Classic, metropolitan or modern? You can always find the perfect wash-basins just by click the link



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