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Launching More Than 80 New Modern Bathtub Designs

Launching More Than 80 New Modern Bathtub Designs

KKR has more than 80 new modern bathtub designs .The new luxurious range of modern bathtubs can be seen on their website: in the Sanitary Ware - Bathtub section. Customers have a choice of selecting from the range of Acrylic Solid Surface Bathtubs at the company's Bathtub' page.

According to feedbacks, some of customers prefer the modern and luxurious look when it comes to choosing the bathtub of their choice. This is because many homes now have a modern or contemporary theme and house owners usually want to ensure that their bathrooms have the same modern theme utilizing clean lines and stylish designs.

Other customers are interested in bathtubs that come with a different color, shape or design. In fact, the company is proud to offer luxury modern bathtubs that come in black or on top of the usual white. The shape and design of their modern bathtubs are also getting bolder and shows the excellent amount of planning that went into creating the product.

These luxury modern bathtubs come with smooth, tapered edges making the interior of the bathtub look absolutely inviting while invoking a sense of beauty, style and functionality. An ideal focal point for the bathroom where one could have a truly relaxing bath.

KKR has been designing their own range of bathtubs which manufacturers will specifically custom make for the company.The modern acrylic solid surface bathtub range offered by the company is considered luxurious, beautiful and stylish. These are sought after by homes and hotels who have spacious bathrooms along with the modern toilet and bathroom vanities that are offered by the company.

Customers who wish to have a look at the actual physical bathroom products could review them at KKR’showroom which is located in Shenzhen, China. The company has experienced staff on hand to offer advice, feedback and recommendations to walk-in customers.

For more information, please visit to view the entire range of bathroom products.


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