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Modern Era of Solid Surface Freestanding Stone Bath Tub

Modern Era of Solid Surface Freestanding Stone Bath Tub

With the improvement of living standards, people are pursuiting more comfortable and safe and eco-friendly life style, Bathroom furniture is one of the most important part of our daily life, more and more people enjoying a soaking bathtub in their bathrooms.


Today's solid surface freestanding tubs are a far cry from the old cast iron "clawfoot" tubs many of us remember. Both solid surface stone tub and plastic acrylic tub offer thermo-retentive properties which cast iron tubs cannot provide, thereby maintaining bath water warmth longer. Additionally, because of the manufacturing material and process itself, cast iron designs and styles are rather limited.


Whether your style is boldly contemporary, elegantly traditional or smartly transitional, solid surface freestanding bath can meet your design aesthetic.

Solid surface bathtub is proud to announce the newest line of freestanding tubs. After countless requests, solid surface bathtub provides eco-friendly newer than contemporary & modern tubs that can freestand proudly.


These tubs are made of a material called solid surface. Solid surface is a man-made stone and is a non-porous low-maintenance material that is normally used for countertops. In using new solid surface material, it can achieve the shapes and designs that were originally only possible by using acrylic or other plastics. The problem was plastic tubs do not retain heat, they bow & flex, and sometime crack over time. With these new solid surface stone tubs, they can provide the same long soaking experience of their cast iron ancestors while having the designs of a more modern era


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