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Since 2000, KKR Solid Surface has specialized in producing,designing,creating a various of beautiful products. This article mainly describes KKR’s history, partners, and ability 1. KKR have been cooperated with many big brand companies from all over the world. Exported to 200 countries.2. Products a



Choose Stone Wall-Hung Basin for Your Own Bathroom

Bring a fusion of contemporary style and detail to your bathroom in the form of stone wall-hung wash basins. This article mainly describes choose a wall mounted wash basin. 1) To save much more space for your bathroom.Looks simple but fashion2) Advantages of Solid surface basin3) KKR offers all ki



Comparison of solid surface bathroom sinks & ceramic bathroom basins

The advantages of solid surface bathroom basins is not to be underestimated, if you are interested in the solid surface bathroom basin and want to know more, you can see our website.



Acrylic Solid Surface Application and Characteristics

Solid surface material is widely used for solid surface countertops, solid surface sinks, solid surface bathtubs, solid surface shower pan, solid surface table tops,etc.



Acrylic solid surface bathtub an excellent choice for quality of life

Compared to the shower, the bathtub bath on the health benefits of greater relaxation of the body, beauty beauty, clean skin. Therefore, the life of high-quality living needs, so that solid surface bath to become the preferred bath. A high quality bathtub to bring quality of life to improve the nature of



Advantages Of Solid Surface Countertop

When envisioning your kitchen remodel you may be thinking that a stone countertop is the only way to go, but don’t count solid surface countertop out just yet. With a wide range of color and style options, solid surface countertop can give you more freedom than stone countertop without the same downfalls.



Solid Surface Shower Tray Perfect Your Bath

With the ultimate in modern and safe designs, we have the tray solution for you. All our Kingkonree solid surface shower trays are built to last – made from durable, acrylic solid surface stone they are scratch and chip resistant. Featuring Kingkonree® technology to low water absorption and no porous – these are trays that no shower should be without. Designed with you in mind.



Over 200 Speckled Textured Solid surface Counter Top Colors

Solid surface countertop colors for counter tops in the past were limited to some pretty boring earth tones with a monotonous, speckled pattern. Appealing to some, but really couldn't compare to the depth and natural beauty of stone.



Modern Freestanding Bathtub Leading the Large Bathroom Architecture Trends

Our ultra modern freestanding bathtubs are a great addition to create a place of relaxation and well being with style and elegance.We believe bath time should be spent in style. For that, we offer a range of high-end and modern designs so you can relax in luxury and comfort. All our baths are solid surface, freestanding and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.



Stain-, Impact-, and Heat-Resistance Kingkonree Solid Surface

Kingkonree Solid Surfaces are also easy to work with; can be bent and shaped during fabrication, and cut on site with most standard saws. The wide variety of colors and patterns provide the characteristics that make it the perfect choice: an attractive, affordable, contemporary surface that can stand up to heavy traffic and day-to-day use.

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Wash Basins

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