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Over 200 Speckled Textured Solid surface Counter Top Colors

Over 200 Speckled Textured Solid surface Counter Top Colors

Solid surface countertop colors for counter tops in the past were limited to some pretty boring earth tones with a monotonous, speckled pattern. Appealing to some, but really couldn't compare to the depth and natural beauty of stone.

Luckily, those days are gone. Finding a new flair, pattern styles have expanded beyond the uniform speckled look of old with over 200 solid surface countertop colors now available encompassing a broad range of textures and designs.

You can still pick from plenty of neutral beige and brown colors along with popular grays. Pure white and black colors like Glacier White serve the modern-minimalist aesthetic.

And KKR solid surface countertop colors gets playful with solids in yellow and blue too. Purples, red, corals and coppers fall in-between.

The evolution and addition of new patterns, though, is what's so enticing offering options for any bath or kitchen design theme.

Grain shapes and sizes vary from sand to pebble... even recycled glass. Striations, veins, mottled color shading and movement are now seen throughout the collection for a far more natural look. Many pleasing patterns mimic marble, travertine and granite quite well.

Custom solid surface countertop colors are possible too, if you can believe it! Send KKR a sample and we will match it.


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