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Single Bathroom Vanities & Double Bathroom Vanities Designs for your needs

Single Bathroom Vanities & Double Bathroom Vanities Designs for your needs

Whether your bathroom is big or small, we understand that it’s always a good idea to try and save space. Modern and luxurious, our vanity units in white, walnut and zebrano - all of which make cosy companions to our range of bathroom basins.   From bathroom cabinets to wall hung bathroom units, you’ll find our designs offer a streamlined and elegant solution to all of your storage needs.


Which should I choose: a bathroom vanity or a sink console?


Your choice of bathroom vanity depends largely on the space available as well as your storage needs. Sink consoles tend to be smaller, so they’re great for powder rooms or guest baths. While they often don’t come with storage beneath the sink, you can still find those that come equipped with a small enclosed cabinet if need be. Bathroom vanities are usually larger, so they work well with master baths.


What size bathroom vanities work for my space?


You want your bathroom vanity to be in proportion to the overall size of your bathroom as well as other bathroom fixtures. Be sure to carefully measure the area where you want your bath vanity; at the same time, consider the placement of the surrounding fixtures. If a door is nearby, open and close it to make sure its path is clear. Single vanities are ideal for a small powder room or guest bath, whereas a double vanities are preferred for a master bath. The size of the bathroom space has an influence on the choice of bathroom bath vanities.



What if my bath vanity doesn't come with a top?


Oftentimes bath vanities are sold only as cabinets, leaving you to decide what to top it with. There are two choices: bathroom vanities with tops or just a vanity top. As the name suggests, bathroom vanities with tops come complete with a sink bowl built into the countertop. If you’ve already picked out a separate sink, the vanity top may be a better choice. However, be sure to check whether the top already has holes cut out that are compatible with the shape and size of the sink you chose.


When you choose bathroom vanities, it can be influenced by a variety of factors, but many aspects can not be ignored. Choosing a suitable bathroom vanities for your bathroom can save you a lot of trouble and bring a good bathroom experience.


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