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Solid Surface Shower Tray Perfect Your Bath

Solid Surface Shower Tray Perfect Your Bath

KKR solid surface shower tray combines affordability with beauty, simplicity and uncompromising practicality. This special solid surface shower tray delivers the choice and quality for your perfect bath or shower room.


Solid surface shower trays come in a vast array of sizes ranging, KKR have many existing designs with different sizes for your your choice, and can also customize per as your requirements including the size, shape, as well as waste position.


KKR solid surface shower tray, 100% nonporous, stain resistant and hygienic --making them perfect for commercial and domestic application alike.


Solid surface shower trays will be manufactured using a durable stone resin / solid surface. This material is renewable and will offer a good level of flexibility too. 


With the ultimate in modern and safe designs, we have the tray solution for you. All our Kingkonree solid surface shower trays are built to last – made from durable, acrylic solid surface stone they are scratch and chip resistant. Featuring Kingkonree® technology to low water absorption and no porous – these are trays that no shower should be without. Designed with you in mind.

Besides, solid surface shower tray can be named solid surface shower base, solid surface shower pan,etc.


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