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Stain-, Impact-, and Heat-Resistance Kingkonree Solid Surface

Stain-, Impact-, and Heat-Resistance Kingkonree Solid Surface

With its breakthrough stain-, impact-, and heat-resistance properties, and Over 300 colors and patterns, Kingkonree Solid Surfaces is ideal for both commercial and residential applications. They're easy to care for, too. The surface is non-porous. With periodic maintenance, just a quick wipe down with a damp cloth, Kingkonree Solid Surfaces maintains its original beauty for years. Most importantly, Kingkonree Solid Surfaces can be repaired and restored to its original condition, unlike other surfacing materials.


Enjoy the benefits of this richly colored, durable, seamless surface that is also:


Available in 300 rich colors and textures

Easy to fabricate and install with invisible seams

Scratch and stain resistant, easily maintained

Highly durable - stronger than stone

Resistant to heat, mold, chemicals, pollutants and bacteria

Environmentally friendly – renewable and repairable

Safe – tested and certified by the National Sanitation for Food Safety and Food Contact

Backed by a 10 year Warranty


Kingkonree Solid Surfaces are also easy to work with; can be bent and shaped during fabrication, and cut on site with most standard saws. The wide variety of colors and patterns provide the characteristics that make it the perfect choice: an attractive, affordable, contemporary surface that can stand up to heavy traffic and day-to-day use.


It is Popular to be used as Solid surface Wall Panels, Solid surface Table tops, Solid surface countertops, solid surface vanity tops, solid surface furnitures.


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