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The various styles of above counter basins we can provide

above counter basins

The bathroom is a good place to relax ourselves. The wash basin is used every day. A suitable wash basin can highlight the style of our bathroom, show our personality and bring convenience to our life, but choose a suitable one. The wash basin is a very annoying thing, there are too many kinds of shapes, shapes, price wash basins, there are above counter basin, freestanding basin,above counter basin, wall mount sink.


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1.above counter basin

2.Various style

3.Why choose above cabinet sink


Above counter basin

When purchasing sanitary ware products, the above counter basin is one of the most popular products. Whether it is a private family bathroom or a public restroom, there are different design shapes and materials for you to choose from. There are many types of basins, such as free standing basin, wall mounted basin, and cabinet-style wash basins. It is an annoying thing to choose which wash basin. The above counter basin is always a suitable choice, whether for an individual or a real estate contractor, thanks to the advances in design technology and manufacturing technology, we can apply everything to functional art bathroom units at the same time. Compared to other types of wash basins, the above counter basin has a thoughtful and useful cabinet, perfect place to storing facial cleanser and cosmetics.


 Various style

Here in KKR, with our years of experience in the design and manufacture of wash basins, we have more than 200 wash basin designs to meet the different aesthetic needs of our customers. We have classic round, stylish squares, etc. for you to choose from. In terms of materials, we have high-end materials such as ceramics, artificial stone, and acrylic resin. In terms of color, we have classic white, beige, gray, black and other colors to choose from. You can always find the wash basin you like at KKR. We have made our best efforts to create the best wash basin for you. Only you can't think of it, there is nothing we can't do.


Why choose above cabinet sink

When it comes to wash basin design, the above counter basin is always famous with its smooth lines, the glossy surface and elegant shape that are among the best in the fashion wash basin series. Fitted with suitable faucets and other basic accessories, the above counter basin will be your eye-catching equipment in the bathroom .The above counter basin is not only excellent in shape design. In terms of practicality, the above counter basin is also very advantageous. Compared to other types of wash basins, the above counter basin has a thoughtful and functional cabinet, which is the perfect place to put your cosmetics and lotions. Therefore, the above counter basin is a combination of fashion and practicality. KKR has a range of high quality above counter basin to give your bathroom a modern, simple, spacious and unique look, including high-gloss pure ceramics wash basin and high-end artificial stone wash basin to make the bathroom clearer. We offer a variety of styles and sizes to suit your preferences


Summary of this article

As a well-established sanitary ware manufacturer, KKR provides customers with a comprehensive and high-quality wash basin with its cutting-edge design concept and industry-leading manufacturing technology. The above counter basin is one of our main products. In addition, we also offer a variety of styles for you to choose from. You only need to click on the link  to meet the wash basin you have always dreamed of. Our washbasins are made of high-end materials and advanced manufacturer techniques. All products are In line with national production standards, it has anti-oxidation, anti-scratch, anti-yellow characteristics, and we offer a 10-year warranty.






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