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What is the best wash basin for a living room?

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It's easier than you think to make the living room look more elegant and practical. You only need the right features and details, such as a beautiful wash basin that can be used as the focus of the room.  A significant part of your living room installation, a wash basin will have an actual impact on your living room’s universal experience. At KKR, we have a wide form of basins and sinks, which are a match for each decoration style living room. Any of wash basin mentioned in this article have great potential to make the living room look elegant and charming.


Here are main points of this article

1. Different kinds of wash basin.

2. Have a wash basin in living room.

3. How to choose a suitable basin for living room


Different kinds of wash basin

The wall-mounted sink is directly mounted on the wall. Compared to other types of wash basins, the wall-mounted sink does not occupy any floor space. It is suitable for installation in a small space, but wall-mounted sink does not have any storage space, and because it is mounted on the wall, it is less stable and firm than other wash basins.

Freestanding basin

The design concept of the freestanding basin is elegant, simple and stylish. It can make your room look more modern and bring convenience to your life, enhance your overall life experience. The free-standing basin is an important helper for your daily makeup and maintaining your oral health. Freestanding basin will make your life more convenient and elegant. 

Above Counter basin

The Above Counter basin is the latest in interior design and is widely used in homes, hotels, and public places. Simple, elegant and practical is the design style of the Above Counter basin. Compared with other kinds of wash basins, the Above Counter basin is more convenient to install, better fit into the overall design of your room, it’s a great choice for most master bath and powder room.

The Wall Mount

Wall Mount wash basins usually have a basin mounted on the living room wall with the help of screws. The position and height of the mount depends on the preference of the user.


Have a wash basin in living room

Have a wash basin in living room may sound uncommon, but it will make your life more convenient, and we have every kinds of style wash basin to match your living room’s decoration style, our Nordic style wash basin can make your living room elegant and graceful.


How to choose a suitable basin for living room

When you try to buy a new wash basin, you’ll notice there is a surprising choice of styles and designs available, which makes it a bit difficult to choose the right type. So, to make things easier, think twice before make decision. Before choosing a new sink and toilet for your living room, it’s important to consider the overall style of the space - modern or traditional. Measuring the available space accurately is another important step is choosing the best wash basin. If you have a small living room there are many compact designs to choose from, but if you have plenty of space you could create a luxury look by fitting two basins.



Choose a suitable wash basin for your living room is a trouble, but you can solve this problem buy choose KKR, just by click the link, to meet your perfect wash basin, with our 18 years of experience, you can always find the perfect wash basin for your living room.



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