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Why Choose a Countertop Basin for luxury bathroom

Why Choose a Countertop Basin for luxury bathroom

One of the main elements of bathroom design when developing a new installation is the proportions you have to work with.

Stylistically, the countertop basin can either save space or fill your installation with a design which sits as a focal point, providing one of the most versatile basin solutions on offer.

The purpose a countertop basin serves in terms of size depends purely on the countertop that houses it; a large countertop with small basin leaves plenty of room for bathroom products, a large countertop and equally grand basin sits as an eye catching design (sometimes impractical) and a small countertop and small basin saves space but leaves little room for storage.

With that said, a countertop basin is a luxury style addition to any bathroom suite, providing a timeless look which will echo class well into the future, remaining eternally eye-catching.

There are endless countertop basin designs which are defined primarily by their material, whether it be glass, ceramic or marble, each provide an entirely unique look.

With dozens of lustrous shapes on offer, the versatility of the countertop basin is rivalled by none, with square, rectangular and oval designs which exudes class in any setting.

The Countertop Basin KKR-1382-1 from KKR sleek modern artistry and a rectangular look which is designed to recess into your countertop, providing the ultimate subtle solution, and combined with an equally stunning modern mixer tap, the countertop basin is guaranteed to be the centre of attention.

Our website plays host to plenty of countertop designs, each exuding their own luxury style and shape. Marrying an elegant basin with the right choice of furniture or countertop is the perfect solution to space and style in any bathroom installation.


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