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Advantages and Installation of Over-counter Basins and Under-counter Basins in Bathrooms

Today's furniture is getting younger and smarter, such as smart faucets, smart bathtubs and so on. Let's talk about the retro wash basin for toilets and bathrooms, which is divided into a washbasin on the table and a washbasin under the table. The basin under the table is fixed under the table and completely sunk under the table, which saves space and is beautiful. Therefore, it is very popular with home improvement users.

1. Advantages of on-counter washbasin racks

(1) There are many shapes and choices, and the decorative effect is ideal.

(2) The four sides of the pot on the table are subjected to a uniform force.

(3) It is convenient for future installation and maintenance. If it breaks, take the silicone out and take it straight from the table to fix it.

(4) It is inconvenient to use, and the sundries cannot directly dirty the washing tank.

(5) During use, the water on the table often seeps into the glue, and the glue will open over time. Or if the glue is black, the sink will be loose.

(6) It is not easy to clean the washbasin with sanitary corner on the table.

2. Advantages of under-counter washbasin racks

(1) It is easy to use, because the edge of the retro wash basin is lower than the countertop, so the water on the countertop automatically flows into the basin.

(2) The water tank under the platform is not easy to leak and is easy to maintain.

(3) The bathroom sink adopts the under-counter basin to be embedded in the countertop, the overall effect is better, and it is more beautiful to match with the cabinet.

(4) It is very convenient to clean, and there is no dead angle.

(5) The construction process is very difficult. Some enterprises require the pot to be sent to the cabinet factory for direct preparation.

(6) The size of the opening should be large, and the small bathroom should be carefully considered.

(7) The bearing capacity of the basin on the table is poor, and the installation process of the workers is not up to standard, which is prone to after-sales problems.

(8) Save desktop space and place other items properly.

(9) The vanity rack under the table has a simple design.

(10) There are no restrictions on the selection and installation of faucets and countertops, and there are no special requirements for the installation of downpipes.

3. Installation steps of the washbasin rack

(1) Lay the installation opening template flat on the cabinet table, and adjust the opening position. Two issues should be paid attention to: first, make sure that there is enough space to place the faucet; second, make sure that there is enough space to install the fastening splint (or hook), etc.

(2) Use a pencil to draw a line along the edge of the perforated board on the table.

(3) Open the hole according to the drawing line.

(4) After opening the hole, turn the counter over and spread the prepared glue evenly around the hole on the counter.

(5) Then fix the sink to the counter.

(6) Glue a few splints around the sink to strengthen the bond.

(7) Put the cabinet countertop back into the cabinet, clean up the exposed glue traces, and then install the faucet and faucet, etc.

According to the actual situation of your room type, you can choose the most suitable retro wash basin installation method. To learn more about wash basins, please continue to pay attention to Shenzhen Jinkangrui Technology Co., Ltd.!

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