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Build a Freestanding Tub for Our Romantic Dream Bathroom

There are hundreds of styles of bathtubs, but the most common form of bathtub is the wall-mounted bathtub fixed to the wall. In the cold winter, if you can take a comfortable bath in your own bathtub, it is indeed a great pleasure in life. However, for those who have planned a shower room at home and want to add an additional bathtub but do not want to use a wall-mounted bathtub, what kind of bathtub can be as conveyable as other furniture, in addition to wooden tubs and cheap plastic bathtubs? The answer is the freestanding bathtub without walling!

A bathtub that does not need to be built a wall or fixed to the wall can usually be classified as a "freestanding bathtub", whether a modern freestanding bathtub with massage function placed in the center of the bathroom or a classical four-leg bathtub of European style used to create a vintage feel. All kinds of freestanding bathtubs can appropriately play their roles, and therefore they are deeply loved by many people.

1. The size of the bathroom is the key to choosing a freestanding bathtub

Generally speaking, freestanding bathtubs have a considerable length and width. If the bathroom space is too small, not only the shape of the freestanding bathtub cannot be fully displayed, but it may also be difficult to install. Relatively speaking, spacious bathroom space is more suitable for a freestanding bathtub, especially a freestanding bathtub placed in the middle of the bathroom, which is more beautiful. If it is to be placed near the wall, it is better to reserve some space in order to clean the side of the bathtub with convenience. In addition, before purchasing a freestanding bathtub, you must first determine whether the pipeline positions of the water inlet and outlet can match the bathtub. If the positions do not match, you may need to connect a new pipeline or even re-plan the pipeline location.

2. Modern freestanding bathtub with diverse shapes and functions

Compared with a general wall-mounted bathtub, all three bathtub surfaces may be embedded in the wall, and only one bathtub surface is exposed. For a freestanding bathtub, all four bathtub surfaces can be fully presented, so there is naturally more space for designing. In addition to the most common rectangular and oval bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs have also developed unique shapes such as egg shapes and circles. Compared with the classical bathtubs that use the four-legged bathtub, some modern freestanding bathtubs have an additional base which is made of various materials and in different styles, so that the freestanding bathtub has more possibilities for change. In addition, many freestanding bathtubs are equipped with advanced modern bathtub functions such as massage, sound, and light effects, so that freestanding bathtubs are not inferior in function in addition to their nice appearance.

3. The material of the freestanding bathtub

There are many materials for freestanding bathtubs. Commonly used acrylic, high-brightness acrylic fiberglass, cast iron, marble, artificial stone, enamel steel plate, etc., each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the price difference is various. For example, the surface of cast iron bathtubs is plated with a layer of thick enamel, which makes the cast iron bathtub brighter and more beautiful, and the durability is longer than other materials. Due to the thicker wall of the cast iron bathtub, the temperature retention is also among the best. However, the weight of the cast iron bathtub is pretty heavy and the price is relatively high, not affordable for everyone.

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