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Buying Guide for Bathroom Washbasin: Good-looking & Practical

Ⅰ. First determine whether the wash basin for home is a wall row or a floor row

According to the decoration process, we need to decide with the construction party whether to use the wall row or the ground row at the hydropower stage, because the pipeline layout is done before you install the sink, that is, the hydropower stage. Therefore, our first step is to determine whether the wall row or the ground row. Once this is confirmed, it cannot be easily changed. To change it, you have to dig a wall, etc. This cost is quite large, and everyone must consider it.

Wall row: Simply put, it is to bury the pipes in the wall, which is suitable for wall-mounted basins. The wall row is blocked because the drainage pipe is buried in the wall, and the wash basin for home is beautiful after it is installed. However, because the wall drainage will add two 90-degree bends, the water speed will be slowed down when encountering a bend, which may cause the water to be launched too slowly, and the cambered place will be easily blocked.

Ground drain: The ground drain, in simple terms, means that the pipes are directly grounded for drainage. A pipe is drained to the end, so the drainage is smooth and not easy to block. And even if it is blocked, it is more convenient to repair the pipeline directly than the wall row. It's a bit ugly to expose the tube directly! But it is possible to customize the cabinet and hide the pipes in the cabinet to make a shelter. In addition, for small partners, you can consider the wall row, which saves space relatively.

Ⅱ. The material of the wash basin product

After determining the wall row or the floor row, we have enough time to choose the basin we want, from material to style, before installation. There are some advantages and disadvantages for your reference, but it still depends on which aspect you value more.

(1) Artificial stone wash basin

The artificial stone wash basin for home is the most common on the market and are widely chosen by everyone. The artificial stone washbasin has a good skin feel and can be repaired strongly. The size can be customized, there are many colors and styles, and it is more novel and beautiful. There is nothing to say except practical. Third, quality identification can be carried out by looking, touching, and knocking.

(2) Glass wash basin

Glass wash basins are single in style, scratch resistant but difficult to clean. The purchase of glass washbasins depends on the thickness. The thickness of the glass basin is 19mm, 15mm and 12mm. It is best to choose a product with a wall thickness of 19mm, which can withstand a relatively high temperature of 80 ° C, and has good impact resistance and damage resistance. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the shape is regular, whether the thickness of the basin is consistent, the color is uniform, and the surface is full and smooth without bubbles.

(3) Other materials

Because the most used is the ceramic wash basin, and a small amount of glass wash basin.

Ⅲ. The styles of the wash basin for home

(1) Column basin. The column basin is small in size and suitable for small spaces, but it lacks storage space, and many toiletries have to be stored separately.

(2) Countertop basin. The modern face basins on the table are easy to install, just open a hole at the predetermined position on the table according to the installation drawing, then place the basin in the hole, and fill the gap with glass glue. When using, the water on the countertop will not flow down the gap, but the water splashed on the countertop cannot be directly wiped into the sink.

(3) Undercounter basin. The undermount basin is easy to use, and the sundries can be wiped directly into the sink. The joint between the basin and the countertop is more likely to accumulate stains, which is more troublesome to clean. In addition, the under-counter basin has higher requirements on the installation process, and the installation is more troublesome.

(4) Wall-mounted basin. The wall-mounted washbasin adopts the wall row method, which does not take up space and is suitable for small apartments, but it is best to cooperate with other storage designs. In addition, because the wall-mounted basin is "hanging" on the wall, there are also requirements for the wall. Walls made of hollow brick, gypsum board and MDF are not suitable for "hanging" the basin.

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