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How to Deal with a Basin That Becomes Dirty and Yellow?

In modern life, daily washing is a common requirement. It can not only clean our own face, but also give others a clean impression. This is a very good thing, so every household will have A wash basin is used to wash the face. With frequent use every day, our wash basins will become a little dirty soon, and the wash basins in some people's homes will turn yellow. Faced with this situation, what should we do? What is better?

Some friends will definitely say, this is not easy, take a steel ball and dishwashing liquid, and make a ferocious operation on the dirty place of the washbasin furniture. The effect is indeed very good, and the dirty things are also wiped off, but friends, if you observe carefully, will there be a lot of scratches on the surface of the wash basin, so this is not advisable, we can't destroy the beauty of the wash basin for cleaning, so we also have a good way to deal with it.

1. Wash basin skills: lemon juice

The first is lemon juice. After we bought lemons from the outside, we cut the lemons into slices with a knife, and then wiped the lemon slices against the dirty part of the wash basin several times. In this way, the lemon juice can mix with the wash basin. The stains are thoroughly mixed. If the dirt is stubborn, we can continue to brush back and forth with a brush slightly after wiping. After it feels almost clean, we can use a rag and water to clean the wash basin. After wiping, we can find that the wash basin will became very clean.

2. Wash basin skills: decontamination powder

In addition to lemon juice, the decontamination powder we bought in the supermarket is also available. This operation is simpler than that of lemon. If there is no decontamination powder in the supermarket, we can also make our own decontamination powder, and we can achieve the same effect. We find our commonly used baking soda in the kitchen, and then mix the baking soda with an appropriate amount of water to dilute and mix it. Just pour the solution we prepared on the dirty part of the washbasin, and wipe it back and forth with a rag. After that, we can find that the dirt in the wash basin will easily fall off.

3. Wash basin skills: bleaching powder

If the baking soda just runs out, the bleaching powder we often use to wash white clothes can also be used. The process of cleaning the washbasin is basically the same as the above, but it should be noted that bleaching powder can damage the skin. Therefore, when using bleach to clean the dirty things in the wash basin, it is best to wear a pair of rubber gloves as a better protective measure.

4. Wash basin skills: tea

For friends who love to drink tea, if the tea has expired before drinking it, don't throw it away. It is also very effective for our wash basin. We put the expired tea in edible oil and soak it for a while. After soaking, we can wipe the stains of the wash basin back and forth with the tea leaves, which can also make the wash basin very clean.

This time, we gave a detailed description of the cleaning skills of the washbasin products. Among them, it is not difficult to find that the common lemons, tea leaves and baking soda in life can easily deal with these problems of the washbasin.

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