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Is It Better to Put the Washbasin Outside or Inside the Bathroom?

1. The bathroom basin can make the bathroom look clean

If you want the basin to be independent, the most feasible way is to move the entrance of the toilet inward to meet the privacy of the toilet and bathing area.

This practice is actually the traditional "dry wet separation". But the difference is that the original toilet door does not need to be installed, and the integrity of the basin area and the peripheral area is stronger. The partition between the toilet and the shower area can be a sliding door, or a special waterproof flush door can be customized, and the floor tile at the bathroom basin can be designed uniformly with the outside of the toilet.

The laundry area and the basin are placed on the outside, because they are not afraid of moisture, and the towel basket does not need to be stuffed in the cabinet. The overall space is not more crowded because of the addition of walls. Enter the door, immediately is the bathtub and shower nozzle, intuitive and easy to use. Love space has done many similar toilet partition walls. Generally, ultra-thin light block partition walls are used, and waterproof coating will be applied, so there is no need to worry about the problem that the partition wall is too thick or moisture-proof.

2. Benefits of moving the bathroom basin outside the door

No matter how you plan the bathroom, the size and house type are not appropriate. So just simply let the bathroom basin be truly independent outside the toilet door! Where is the basin outside the bathroom? First of all, it is recommended to be as close as possible to the downpipe of the original wash basin, which is convenient for construction and saves money.

Secondly, we can consider the habit of daily use of basin. For example, if you and your family can't wash and go to the bathroom at the same time every morning, put the basin near the bedroom.

You can brush your teeth and wash your face when you get up early in the morning and go out. If there is a corridor end or concave wall near the bathroom, it is most suitable to install the wash basin cabinet. But it doesn't matter if there is no concave wall. The self partition is also beautiful. The locker with bath supplies can be above the basin together, so that the transformed bathroom will be more refreshing and easy to take care of.

The toilet basin can also be integrated into other spaces to play its function, but it will involve all kinds of wall drilling, and it can't be moved after construction, so it should be carefully considered before decoration.

A basin is very suitable for the bedroom. Combined with the cosmetic storage cabinet, daily skin care, makeup application and makeup removal can be completed at one time. If the bathroom is close to the porch, install a basin beside the gate to enrich the function of the porch. The dining room is equipped with an independent basin, which can draw water from the kitchen in the hard decoration stage. Install the bathroom basin outside. In addition to being convenient to use, it can also match the overall style of the home, or integrate into the design of the cabinet, and do a good job in the surrounding waterproof treatment. Your home can also try this method!

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