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Knowledge About Bathroom Bathtub

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life and the aesthetics of life in modern society, many objects in life have not only played their functions of practical life, but are also developing towards a more beautiful, smarter and more humane direction. In the bathroom space, it is especially reflected in the popularization and use of LED smart defogging mirrors, smart toilets, and bathtubs. The protagonist we introduce today is more and more appearing in homes, hotels, and homestays-bathroom bathtubs.

1. The shape of the bathroom bathtub

The shape of the bathtub determines the size of the bathtub. Common shapes for bathtubs are square, round, scalloped, and irregular freestanding tubs. Square is the most common shape. The fan shape can be attached to the wall on both sides, making full use of the arc angle space, which is suitable for bathrooms with more compact space. The independent bathtub can have various shapes and can be placed individually, which is suitable for bathroom spaces with larger space. to the effect of decorating the space. As a sanitary ware emerging in Europe, the bathtub has gradually developed in the direction of lightness, unique shape and multi-color after development and renewal.

2. A few questions about using the bathroom bathtub

(1) The problem of easy water cooling in the bathtub

"You can't get in when the water is scalding, and the water will get cold after soaking in it for a while!" The main reason for the decrease in water temperature is not the material of the tank, but 90% of the evaporation from the water surface. To solve this problem, you can easily solve it by buying a bathroom bathtub cover.

(2) The problem that the bathtub is easy to slip

Because of the limited space in some families, the bathtub and the shower are combined into one, and the shower usually stands in the bathtub, which is easy to slip. To avoid slip and fall injuries, you can buy a bathtub with a non-slip design at the bottom. In addition, the simplest solution is a non-slip mat.

(3) The problem of difficulty in cleaning the bathtub

Cleaning the bathroom bathtub is a problem that must be solved after daily use, and there is no bathtub that does not need cleaning. If you want to save time and effort, you can buy a disposable bath bag for the bathtub. Put a set on the bathtub and you can use it. After the bath, you can poke a hole in the drain to drain the water. However, this is not environmentally friendly and is more suitable for traveling. .

(4) The way to enjoy the bath

Taking a bath is a very enjoyable thing. How to make the bath time get a better sense of relaxation and comfort? Recommend a bathtub must-have artifact: bathtub shelf. Put on red wine, scented candles, small speakers, and enjoy a quiet time of your own!

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