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Nowadays, in order to pursue a beautiful life, in the decoration, it is also possible to consider the way that makes you feel most comfortable. The most representative one is the installation of the bathtub. Now many people have installed the bathtub in the bath room. Also divided into many types,Th



What is the most comfortable style of bathtub?

In modern life, the bathtub is no longer a household item in the bathroom that is only used for bathing. It is a very admirable decoration like furniture, and can even help you create a different way of life.From retro Baroque styles to modern minimalist avant-garde styles, from stand-alone bathtubs



What size bathtub do I need?

If we are going to install a bathtub in our bathroom, the size of the bathtub is a big concern, especially for small families. If you want to have a comfortable bathing experience with a bathtub, it is a hindrance to the narrowness of the bathroom space. In fact, through reasonable planning, small-



What is the best kind of bathtub to get?

People nowadays know how to enjoy life and put a spacious and comfortable bathtub in the bathroom. By this way you can bathe in a warm water bath every day, which makes the fatigue suddenly disappearing. Today, as the pace of life is accelerating, the bathroom has become a place of relaxation and h



Is it worth it to refinish a bathtub?

Now people's living standards have improved, and many families have installed bathtubs. However, after using the bathtub for a while, it is inevitable that the bathtub will be damaged. At this time, we choose to buy a new bathtub again, or is there any way to fix it?In fact, it is needs to be determ



How to customize a suitable bathtub?

Now the bathtub is available for customization. The custom bathtub is more suitable for the size and layout of the bathroom. It is more practical. Nowadays, many companies with professional bathtubs are better to find a famous one. The quality of the bathtub is better and more durable, and also reas



How do I get my bathtub white again

After a day out, the most comfortable thing is to take a hot bath in the bathtub. For those who are leisurely, it is a good experience to take a bath in the bathtub while you are free, while listening to music and reading. Therefore, the bathtub is an important facility in our lives. Moreover, becau



How long do bathtubs last

The bathtub is different from the shower room. The bath feels like a shower when it is bathed, and the shower is completely incomparable. In addition to the continuous updating of the function, the bathtub has become one of the decorative products, and there is a round, ovals, rectangles and other s



Can you repaint a bathtub

What are the moments that make you feel most enjoyable? I believe that after a lazy evening, the feeling of soaking in the bathtub will definitely be on the list of answers to this question. The moment you soaking in the bathtub, it seems time is slowing down.So slow that you can feel the subtle flo



How to Clean Tough Stains from a Bathtub

Bathtub is one of the most favorite spaces among homeowners whose ultimate joy lies in having a relaxed showering time with the touch of modern technology in bathroom ware. Taking a bath is the ultimate in relaxation, unfortunately, bathtubs are magnets for soap scum, mildew, and grime, not to menti

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