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wash basins

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They are so many types of wash basins in market. From designs and materials, we can name a dozen of them. Each country has his own style or a type is their main stream. With 20 years experience in sanitary ware. Today we are going to tell you what kind of basin is the most popular in Europe market



Where to get the best wash basins

The humble bathroom basin is one of the most used pieces of sanitary ware in every home, and choosing the right one can make a huge difference to the practicality of the bathroom, as well as the overall style and feel.1. All types of basins for option2. Do you prefer traditional or contemporary tyle



How to Choose Wash Basins To Fit Your Bathroom Well

We know that the most important part is finding bathroom wash basins that you think completes and finishes the look in your bathroom. This means the most important part is finding wash basins that you like and that makes you happy. We can now begin our list of the 5 best tips for choosing bathroom w



What are the steps to customize the suitable wash basins?

Choose the wash basin to notice whether its size, shape and color match the overall design of the bathroom, but also take into account some of the family's living habits, as well as the number of times the wash basin is used in the morning and evening. As people's living standards improved, people l



What are wash basins made of?

Today, wash basins are a ubiquitous facility used in bathrooms and kitchens, train stations, tea shops, and more. The wash basin is to clean things and the sewage will flow out along the pipes under the wash basin. Therefore, the materials for making the wash basin should take into account the facto



5 Ways to remove stains on wash basins

The ugly brown spots on the bathtub and wash basin may be rusty, which is caused by many different reasons. Usually, rust is the result of water passing through rusty old galvanized pipes. If you have hard water, rust may be caused by iron and minerals that remain on the surface of your wash basin.



How to Choose Wash Basins for Luxury Bathrooms

The bathroom is an important part of the house. A good bathroom is a place that is very suitable for us to relax. The wash basin is an easy-to-ignored element in the bathroom decoration, but a suitable wash basin can enhance the overall decoration of the bathroom. But picking a suitable wash basin f



What are the new designs in wash basins?

What are the new designs in wash basins?Wash basin is one of the heavily used sanitary equipment, Whether it is in a bathroom or a powder bathroom or in a large master suite, undoubtedly a wash basin comes in various contemporary designs. KKR is one of the pioneers in the sanitary ware industry in c


Wash Basins

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