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Kingkonree Solid Surface/Stone Resin Products

KKR is fast becoming one of China's leading solid surface stone baths & luxury bathrooms exporters, as we are focusing on high-class stone freestanding baths & basins since 2000. Our factory has an advanced 30,000 square meter production facility with an annual capacity, employing more than 100 skilled workers and technicians, 50 sales&after-sales teams, and quality control management teams.

One of KKR's greatest strengths and benefits offered to our clients is the ability to work hand in hand to develop unique OEM designs and exclusive product ranges, to suit your freestanding bath or luxury bathroom needs. Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs are incorporated into every stage of our manufacturing and production.

All stone resin products carry a 10 years consumer guarantee. All clients, from consumers, architects, designers, or developers are guaranteed to receive the finest products, services, and backup facilities. The average working experience with stone resin products is more than 15 years and all surface solid products are exported globally with stable quality

Solid Surface Products Types for Sale

What Is Solid Surface?

Solid surface products are one of the most popular stone resin materials in sanitary ware. Why? They are so many advantages. Here are some key points to share with you.

  • Scratch Resistant

  • Seamless Appearance

  • Anti-fungal    

  • Stain Resistant

  • Variety

  • Less Maintenance

How is Solid Surface Made?

A solid surface is a synthetic stone resin material consisting of hydrate alumina, acrylic, epoxy, or polyester resin, and pigments. The material of the solid surface was cured and heated to 60°C or more. The cured stone resin material is cut into sheets or mold and polished on one or both sides according to the brand used. Sometimes the material was heated to 160°C and cooled to improve its heat resistance.

Huizhou KKR Stone is a leading solid surface manufacturer in China for years, specializing in designing and supplying solid surface basins, bathtubs, shower trays, stools and shelf accessories for bathroom solutions. Covering an area of 19000 square meters, KKR has over 100 molds for bathtubs, and 500 molds for basins; The company and factory have over130 skillful workers with their own professional R and D team, we can customize your solid surface products from concept to reality. The factory is also equipped with a full set of environmental protection facilities and advanced machines, to make sure the goods are in good fatness, accurate size, fine smooth surface, well polished, stable color, safe to our health with no pungent smell. 

How is Solid Surface Made?

We persist in the pursuit of new technology and nice quality, from raw material to finished items, we have a well-trained QC team to ensure the quality by full inspection and quality certificates. We also have attended domestic and overseas exhibitions with rich experience, including new coming online Canton fair, Alibaba stream live show. Details bring quality, KKR is positioning to middle high-end market, and we have exported to over 107 countries from all over the world. As a responsable china bathroom wall mirrors manufacturer, KKR are full of experience in 5-star hotels and other big projects. Sincerely welcome all potential clients around the world to visit us and set up a long-term and win-win business relationship between both sides. Keep moving, making better.

Solid Surface Application

Different solid surface types are available to be applied in different places with various functions. KKR solid surface products are available to be used in wash basins, bathtubs, shower trays, wall shelves vanity mirrors, and so on.

Solid surfaces whose prices compete with natural stone or quartz surfaces. It is able to be in multiple colors and patterns. The material can be shaped and polished, which makes it attractive to both commercial and industrial designers. KKR has the skills and knowledge required to provide solutions for surface solid products and excellent customer service to satisfy different requirements.

Solid Surface Application

Solid Surface Vs Quartz Vs Granite

For many homeowners, solid surface, quartz and granite is able to offer a look and feel they prefer compared to the more natural options. They own some common features, but also have many differences as follows.

Solid Surface Vs Quartz Vs Granite

  • Appearance

Solid surface products are with a matte-like look, while quartz has a lustrous, deep, three-dimensional look, and granite is with a lustrous, rich, and crystalline appearance.

  • Visibility of Seams

Solid surface with stone resin material has the least visible seams of all products because seaming caulk is perfectly keyed to the solid surface material. But the seams of quartz and granite are visible although a good installer can hide them well.

  • Cost and Expense

The solid surface products own the most cost-effective expense compared to the other two products.

Solid Surface Video

How To Clean Solid Surface?

  • Care & Cleaning Of Solid Surface Products Step 1
    Step 1

    Common dirt and residues: Please use soapy water or a scouring pad mixing with water or detergent to clean the bathtub, washing basin/sink, especial bathroom basin, kitchen sink, kitchen countertop, etc.

  • Care & Cleaning Of Solid Surface Products Step 2
    Step 2

    Watermark: Please wipe the bathtub with a soft and dry cloth, and keep it dry while not using it.

    Please don't use something is hard to clean solid surface bath tub and other solid surface product, (such as shower tray, bath tub, basin, sink, bathroom solid surface stools, shower wall panel, etc), to avoid scratching it.

  • Care & Cleaning Of Solid Surface Products KKR advantages
    KKR advantage

    No only long warranty in 10 years of our solid surface sanitaryware product, kitchen countertop, table, reception, etc. Also we will provide you some files, such as maintenance, installation file and video, etc.

Every one of our stone basins, bathroom suites, and countertop is manufactured using a blend of pure white aluminum minerals and various other compounds infused with high-performance resins. Each item is then individually hand-finished by our craftsmen to give it that perfect finish.
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KingKonree is a more than 20 years solid surface manufacturer in Guangdong, China. We have been focused on solid surface sheets, sanitary wares, finished countertops, and related fabrications since 2000.
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+86 (0)755-82875700
Room No. 2408-2508, Building 5A, Longguang Jiuzuan, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China