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Bath Room Vanity Countertops

As one of the most professional bathroom countertop manufacturers, KKR aims to provide durable and strong affordable bathroom vanity countertops in modern and classic styles. The overall bathroom counter top sink design takes fashion, beauty, simplicity and exquisite details into account.

KKR would like to help you to make your project from vision to reality through construction management. KKR is capable to work with you every step all the way.

Bathroom Sink Countertop Types for Sale

The bathroom vanity is an important part of the restroom, it can determine your morning habits. Convenient access is just as important as creating an ornament that will make you comfortable. At a bathroom countertop supplier, KKR bring you different styles and materials for bath countertop to suit your specific taste. Visit our different bathroom countertop types for sale below and buy bathroom countertops with perfectly matching vanities to turn your simple bathroom into an oasis that you can enjoy for years.

Which Bathroom Countertop Material KKR Can Provide?

1. Strong color-matching ability (customized match the color based on the samples provided by the customers).

2. Various colors to choose including texture pattern, pure color, and particles. A light translucent effect is achievable.

3. High-quality raw materials: Pure aluminum powder and high-quality resin. Exquisite and smooth surface with strong anti-yellowing ability.

Which Bathroom Countertop Material KKR Can Provide?

Which Bathroom Countertop Material KKR Can Provide?

4. Seamless joint technology without any joint line or glue lines like 45-degree angle splicing and R10 socket.

5. Flatness: control within +- 3% error.

6. A variety of edge types for customers to select.

7. No deformation even for slope basin longer than 3000mm.

8. Manufacture the slabs and bathroom wares, and make the fabrication all by ourselves to well control the quality.

9. For small quantity countertop with basin, we can make both slabs and basins ourselves to control the whole process, ensure the quality, and make sure there is no color difference. For bulk orders, we can make them by mold.

10. Short production time for sample orders with flexible MOQ.

11. Full set of large-scale machinery and equipment to ensure the accuracy of the product. For example, we can use CNC to do the LOGO and groove. Faucet holes and others could be smoothly cut. Infrared and waterjet are also used to ensure accurate product size.

12. Technician with more than 10 years of experience to thoroughly polish in place, and make sure a lasting glossy surface is resistant to dirty.

13. We can make the countertop by using the solid stone or combining the solid stone with wood, stainless steel, and other products.

14. Strict Quality Control.

15. Professional packaging: strong and durable packaging materials which are environmentally friendly. Also, the package could be custom-made.

16. Rich engineering experience in hotel projects.

17. One-stop purchasing, such as chairs for tables and brackets for countertops, etc.

18. Complete certification and test report: CE certification. Past SGS test of stain resistance, high-temperature resistance, antifungal, and fire resistance.

19. Professional design team for quick drawings and solutions.

20. Pass through the environmental assessment to ensure a stable supply of goods without any sudden interruption of delivery.

21. Rich experience in quartz stone countertop with carving waterjet.  Independent department for grinding and polishing.

22. When molds are restricted, we could make the products by fabrication as an alternative way.

How to Make the Best Bathroom Countertop Choices?

Whether you are changing or installing new bathroom sink countertop, here are the factors to consider when choosing bathroom countertops.


The bath room countertop is a work surface, especially in the master suite. From dripping toothpaste to dropping a hairdryer, they need to stand everything. And they should be very easy to clean!

It is important to keep sanitary conditions so choosing bathroom countertops that are not only suitable for everyday use but also compatible with your favorite cleaning products.


Communicate with bathroom countertop manufacturers to confirm that the bath countertop will be ready when it is time to install. Even brief delivery delays can cause significant scheduling issues that may require you to install a temporary worktop.


For the most environmentally friendly bathroom countertops, ask your bathroom countertop suppliers how and where the material was harvested. Choosing a sustainable option may not affect the installation, but it is one of those intangible things that will give you pride every time you see the countertop.

Enjoy Your Bath
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