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KKR Bathtub

As a professional stone resin bathtub wholesale manufacturer, we use environment-friendly materials to manufacture modern bathtubs to provide users with a healthy and refreshing bathing experience. Our man-made stone resin bathroom tub for sale has a smooth surface with an overflow hole, remarkable thermal insulation performance. The solid surface freestanding bathroom bathtub has super load-bearing, is durable, easy to clean and not easy yellowing. Our best solid surface bathroom tubs for sale have various shapes, such as square bathtub, mini bathroom tub, round bathtub, oval washing tub, but they all have soft and smooth edges, even to children, it is safe. The whole bathtub is seamless, this design makes our best solid surface bathtub looks high-end and textured. No matter what style solid surface tub bath you are looking for, we always have one solid surface freestanding bathtub that meets your needs at the best bathroom bathtub price. Best modern bathtub and service have been prepared for you, please rest assured to choose and buy.

Types of Buthtub for Sale

Bathroom Tubs for Sale FAQs

How To Install A Bathtub?

1. Set the New Tub Into Place

2. Install the Drainager

3. Attach the Overflow Drain Assembly

4. Connect the Drain

5. Secure and Finish

How Does A Bathtub Work?

The bathroom bath tub works with water coming through the faucet and then drained through a drain. Each bathtub consists of two main parts, which are water supply lines and drainage pipes. The valve of the tub bath is connected to the water suppling pipe and the drain connects to the home drain.

What Type Of Bathtub Is Best?

The existence of the bathroom with bathtub is closely related to the size of the bathroom and the renovation budget. There are generally many factors to be considered when choosing a bathtub, such as practicality. Although, objectively speaking, the highest grades of materials are cast iron, acrylic, and steel. The most expensive is not necessarily the best. For example, if your bathroom space is smaller, the square bathtub is not only practical but makes the bathroom layout neat. What's more, if you're a slow-paced person and prefer to relax for a while, the cast iron bathtub is not suitable due to its thermal insulation effect.

How To Clean Bathtub?

The stains on the bathtub surface are very stubborn, but some common items in our life is available to effectively remove stains from the bathtub, such as salt. Salt is very effective in removing stains from the washing tub. Mixing the salt and turpentine in the same proportions  can be applied directly to the stains both convenient and healthy. Remember to wear rubber gloves when using this cleaning way.

How To Remove A Bathtub?

1. Turn Off the Water

2. Disconnect the Drain Flange and Overflow Cover

3. Disconnect the Drain Assembly

4. Separate the Tub from the Wall

5. Remove the Tub

6. Dispose of the Old Tub

Glod Bathtub
Glod Bathtub
Grey Bathtub
Royal Blue Bathtub
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+86 (0)755-82875700
Room No. 2408-2508, Building 5A, Longguang Jiuzuan, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China