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Freestanding Wash Basin

If you are looking for one free standing wash basin which doesn't need any counter to match, our freestanding wash basin for sale will be a good choice for you. Our contemporary free-standing wash basins are made of artificial stone solid surface, their main colors are black and white. When browsing our free stand basin web page, you will immediately be struck by our wash basin freestanding design. 

We offer you different shapes and styles of solid surface floor standing wash basins, rectangle, round, square, even multangular, you definitely can find a floor standing bathroom sink/basin units you want. The marble floor standing basins are suitable for all kinds of bathrooms. Whether you are focused on style, budget, or both, we have all kinds of choices. Our solid surface man-made stone floor mounted basin is durable, functional and beautiful. About the surface of the freestanding basin, it has an intelligent matte and glossy finish that reaches the top level. The entirety of the stone full pedestal wash basin is smooth, easy to clean and not yellowing, you can rest assured to choose your favorite one.

Free Standing Basins for Sale

Nothing illustrates a luxury bathroom more than a unique floor standing washbasin. A freestanding cylinder concrete basin is the perfect choice for creating vacation style statements or reinventing a traditional bathroom layout. These concrete freestanding basins are durable, practical, and aesthetically designed to fit any bathroom, and all the pipes are hidden for a streamlined look. KKR provides various types of floor standing basins including white and black freestanding basin at the best full pedestal free standing wash basin price.

Advantages Of Stand Alone Wash Basin Pedestal Only

  • The solid surface Freestanding Hand Wash Basin is contemporary luxury defined. With its impressive and striking design, our KKR solid surface stone wash basin free standing would make a distinctive focal point in a unique and contemporary bathroom. 

  • KKR with a simply designed one piece pedestal wash basin has a silky-smooth, easy clean, highly touchable surface thanks to its solid stone resin construction.

  • Featuring smooth contours that culminate in a beautiful shape, wide basin, and easy install, this wonderfully solid corner wash basin with pedestal makes a great impact.

How to Install a Pedestal Sink?

  • Prepare the tools and accessories

Tools: drill, level, pencil, screwdriver, etc. 

Accessories: mounting brackets and wall-hung screw.

Installation of Free Standing Basins for Sale

  • Prepare KKR Freestanding Wash Basin

KKR can help clients open the bracket and screw holes in advance.

Installation of Freestanding Wash Basin

  • Mark and drill pilot holes on the wall

Determine the height you want. Place Stand Alone Wash Basin against the wall. Use a level to make sure both sides are level. Mark location and drill on wall for mounting holes.

Installation of Stand Alone Wash Basin

  • Secure the sink to the wall

Secure the Freestanding Round Basin to the wall with the mounting brackets and screws. After inserting the first fastener, verify that the Free Stand Basin is level. When the Freestanding Wash Basin is properly aligned insert the remaining fasteners.

Installation of Freestanding Round Basin

  • Connect and Finishing

Connect all supply tubes to the faucet. Turn on the water supply to check for any leaking from the water supply lines or sink.

Installation of Free Stand Basin

FAQS of Free Standing Basins for Sale

What kind of payment do you use ?

TT and Western union.

What kind of package material do you use?

E0 standard for plywood package material, formaldehyde content of the European standard.

Does the free standing basins for sale easy yellowing?

The anti-yellowing technology is industry-leading. Slow down the speed of yellowing. 

What is the warranty of freestanding wash basin?

5 Years Limited Warranty High Quality. 

Does the stand alone wash basin with color differences ?

Can guarantee no color differences in the same order. 

How about the Inspection?

Inspection 4 times , also, we accept all inspection for all products.

Can you provide small samples?

Yes. 50*50*12mm,100*100*12mm, 160*80*12mm,provide free for testing the quality.

Do you have any certificates?

Yes. CE / SGS / UV.

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