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Bathroom Floor Freestanding Shower Tray Modern

As a professional shower tray China supplier, most of our bathroom floor freestanding shower trays are made of resin or man-made stone, its main colors are white and black, the bathroom floor shower trays modern has an anti-slip surface and are easy to clean. The modern bathroom floor shower tray base is heavy with maximum rigidity and durability. As an experienced China shower tray manufacturer, we produce hard and wearable modern bath for shower tray, there will be no scratches. 

Types Of Shower Tray Modern For Sale

With its corrosion resistance, the deep corner shower tray bath can service you for a long time. Stylish slimline shower floor tray design makes the anti-slip stone resin shower tray modern perfect for any bathroom, through our careful design and production, the solid surface nonslip shower trays for the disabled have good performance. We offer different kinds of modern shower tray types to you, ultra-slim shower trays, big shower trays, oval shower tray, ultra-thin shower trays, rectangular shower trays, deep corner shower tray bath, sector shower trays, etc, you can according to bathroom size or style to choose suitable top quality nonslip shower base.

What Are Shower Trays Made of?

Bathrooms have been heavily used over the years, which is why it is important to choose the best shower tray options you can afford to make sure it stands the test of time. The composite shower tray is made of a variety of materials, such as stone resin or acrylic.

The acrylic shower tray modern is light, usually about 4.5 mm thick and reinforced with wood. Acrylic bathroom floor shower trays have greater flexibility, but the greater the flexibility, the greater the probability of rupture.

The shower tray material of stone resin are made from a mixture of natural minerals and resin compounds, a lightweight and durable option. This shower floor pan material does not bend or warp like an acrylic shower tray. Stone resin tray with ABS acrylic cap, easy to clean, warm feel and scratch resistant.

At the big bathroom store, there are bathroom floor shower trays made of polymer stone resin and SMC (sheet molded compound), a ready-molded glass fiber reinforced polyester.

How to Install a Shower Tray?

  • Use the L-square measure to ensure the angle of the ground & wall are 90°.

Installation of Shower Tray China 1

  • Provide a 5"x5" opening in the sub-floor for the drain.

(Remark: (1) The 2" PVC waste pipe should extend above the surface of the sub-floor according to the drain installation instructions and the height of the Shower base.

(2) For the floor drain location, you can refer to the floor drain drawing and installation instructions.)

Installation of China Shower Tray 2

  • Install the shower drainer (not provided) according to the drain installation manual.

Installation of Oval Shower Tray 3

  • Place the tray into the designated position to make sure the drain body drops around the drain pipe. (Remark: To support the bottom of the shower base, you can also use the bedding material on the ground. After the bedding material completely is hardened, then install the wallboard above the tile.)

Installation of Bathroom Floor Shower Trays 4

Installation of Bathroom Floor Shower Trays 5

  • Level the tray to ensure it is at the same level.

Installation of Shower Tray China 6

  • Put the tiles (or other finishing material) over the cement board leaving a 1/8” gap between the tile and the shower base. Use caulk to fill that gap.

Installation of Shower Tray China 7

How to Choose the Best Shower Tray Options?

When choosing a bathroom floor shower trays, you need to make sure it matches the size and shape of your shower enclosure to ensure a perfect match and prevent leaks. Consider which shape also best fits your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, choosing a space-saving quadrant shower tray is a good idea, but for a large bathroom you may want to choose a rectangular one and combine it with a walk-in shower room.

You may want to use a white freestanding shower tray to keep it clean and simple, or create a natural, slate-effect one, so consider the overall look you want to achieve.

What type of floor is your bathroom? This will determine how to fit a new shower tray. You may need to lift the shower tray from the floor and secure your legs making it easier to launch water on the cement floor. But if the floor is suitable, the modern shower tray can be mounted directly on the top to achieve a cleaner, more streamlined finish.

How to Clean a Shower Tray?

To prevent the accumulation of soap bubbles, dirt and scale, it is important to clean the shower tray regularly. Here are some tips for removing the most common stains on bathroom floor shower trays. Before using any cleaning product, refer to the installation manual to check if the product damages the shower tray surface.

Scaling Off

The best way to remove scale from a freestanding shower tray is white vinegar or lemon juice that both remove it and make it easier to erase.

Remove rust

To remove rust, you can dip half a potato in baking soda or white vinegar/lemon juice and let it work its magic for a few hours, then rinse and scrub with a sponge.

Remove Mold

If the sealant is black, it will likely harbor mold and mold. This is hard to remove so you can try treating it with mildew spray and brushing with an old toothbrush overnight. If this doesn't work, remove it and replace it with some fresh new silicone sealant.

Soap Scum

A bathroom cleaning spray or even just some simple things such as baking soda can remove stubborn soap scum from your shower tray.

Bathroom Floor Freestanding Shower Trays FAQS

Which Shower Tray Shapes and Sizes KKR Provides?

Which Shower Tray Shapes and Sizes KKR Provides?

How do you arrange the shippment for big size products?

Normally the big-size bathroom floor shower trays will be packed into different parts for safety concerns before shipping. You can install them together easily when you receive them.

What if I don't know how to install a shower tray ? 

No problem, we can send you the video for installment. Engineers could be sent to the spot for guidance if needed. 

How about the after-sales service? 

We are always take this seriously, if you have any problems with the products, please let us know. We will solve it with our best effort.

What is the MOQ for your bathroom floor shower trays?

5 pcs would be acceptable.

How do you arrange the shippment? 

As an experienced China shower tray supplier, we accept EXW/FOB/CIF terms, and we are glad to cooperate with your designated forwarder agent or we can arrange the shipment at our end if you like.

Can the bathroom floor shower trays be adjusted if I want some difference later? 

Sure, as a professional shower tray company, our designers are always here for you.

How can you guarantee the design is what I need? 

We have experienced designers to make 3D drawing for you which shows vivid picture just as the life scene.

What are payments available? 

L/C/ TT/Westernunion/Paypal are accepted.

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