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KKR Bathroom Wash Basins

As a professional wash basin company, we offer various solid surface washroom wash basins to customers, including above counter basin, freestanding basin, wall hung basin, cabinet basin and under-mounted sink. Most of our Kingkonree wash basins are made of solid surface artificial stone, the material gives the vanity washroom basins a reliable strength and warmth. The stone bathroom wash basins sink is polished to perfection, the modern washing sink basin is essentially non-corrosive, it is easy to remove stains because the material is repairable and renewable. This sturdy hand washin basin requires little maintenance and can be easily kept clean. 

Kingkonree wash basin sinks contemporary style with innovation to reveal a new dimension of modernity, it can match your space very well. By giving you an elegant and unique touch, you can transform your home and interior. Now you can add this modern hand wash tub basin to your living room or dining room as soon as possible! So contact us for details now!

What Is The Difference Between Sink And Wash Basin?

The sink is a bowl-shaped plumbing equipment used for washing dishes, and other tasks. A wash basin is a bowl that can hold several litres of tap water. You can use it to wash your face, wash your hands, or even wash your containers. The wash basin has a "bowl landform" in the geological sense, and wash sinks refers to a particular device. Collect water for drainage in the kitchen or bathroom.

Sinks are common in British kitchens that housewives use to clean up dirty tableware.The wash sinks, like a pool, has a water stop that can store several litres of water. On the other hand, the washbasins come in many forms, round and square. In England, washbasins are sometimes known as bathroom wash sinks.

Types Of Wash Basins For Sale

Above Counter Basin

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Freestanding Wash Basin

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Wall Hung Basin

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Cabinet Basin

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Undermounted Sink

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Solid Surface Wash Basin

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Stone Resin Wash Basin

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Wash Basin Colour Design

Whether it is for your bathroom or kitchen, a delicate wash basin makes the first impression on your guests. What’s more, a custom-made wash basin with an exquisite wash basin design and a soothing colour palette does kind of impact your sensibilities. We provide different Kingkonree wash basin types including various types of custom wash basins to satisfy our customers from all over the world.

Black Washroom Wash Basin
Black Wash Basin
Black Bathroom Wash Basins M8858
Black Bathroom Basin
Cement Grey Washing Sink Basin KKR 1161
Green Wash Tub Basin
Green Wash Sinks
Pink Custom Wash Basin
Sky Blue Custom Basin
Soft Pink Custom Made Wash Basin KKR 1310
Soft Green Custom Made Basin
Soft Pink Bathroom Wash Basins Design KKR 1312
Star Pink Washroom Wash Basin
Tiffany Blue Washing Sink Basin
White Wash Tub Basin KKR 8816
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Room No. 2408-2508, Building 5A, Longguang Jiuzuan, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China