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Styles and Materials of Luxury bathtubs

1. The styles and materials of luxury bathtubs

(1) In addition to traditional bathtubs, many people now choose jacuzzi bathtubs. There are three types of massage bathtubs: whirlpool, bubble, and whirlpool and bubble combination. You should be clear when you buy them.

(2) Acrylic, steel plate, and cast iron are the mainstream materials for bathtubs. Among them, cast iron is the highest grade, followed by acrylic and steel plates. Ceramics, as the absolute mainstream material of bathtubs in the past, are almost invisible on the market now.

(3) The quality of luxury bath tubs material mainly depends on whether the surface is smooth. Especially for steel and cast iron bathtubs, if the enamel is not well plated, fine ripples will appear on the surface.

(4) The quality and thickness of the material are related to the firmness of the bathtub, which is invisible. You need to press it with your hands and step on it with your feet. If there is a feeling of sagging, it means that the hardness is not enough. Of course, it is best to obtain the consent of the merchant before testing.

2. How to purchase luxury bathtubs?

When choosing a luxury bathtub, many factors need to be considered. The first thing to consider is the brand and material. This usually depends on the purchase budget. The second factor is the size, shape, and location of the faucet hole. These factors are determined by the layout and objective size of the bathroom. Finally, you must choose the style of the bathtub according to your own preferences. You should clearly know how big a bathtub you need. It is worth noting that bathtubs of the same size are not the same in-depth, width, length, and contour. If you like to be immersed in deep water, check the height of the waste outlet. In addition, there are also convenient faucet designs, armrests of different shapes and sizes for you to choose from. If you like a bathtub installed in a corner, you should know that it takes up more space than a rectangular bathtub. Check whether the bathroom allows you to use this bathtub.

The material of the bathtub determines its performance, so pay close attention to its material before buying. You can touch the surface of the bathtub with your hands to see if it is smooth, tap the bathtub with your hands to judge the thickness of the bathtub, and if the bathtub is firm, you need to press vigorously with your hands and step on it with your feet. You need to judge by yourself. In addition, you must try it before buying a bathtub, especially when choosing a jacuzzi. If the sound of the motor is too loud, it will not make people completely relax when they take a bath, which will cause distress to people's spirits.

The above is a detailed introduction of the styles and materials of the luxury bath tub, and we get to know that the luxury bathtub is pretty good in use. Many people like taking a bath in the luxury bathtub to enjoy and relax after a tiring day, which is comfortable. We believe that you are already familiar with luxury bathtubs. If you are interested, just buy it.

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