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Teach You How to Replace the Bathtub Drain

Replacing the drain pipe of the bathtub is a simple job need no help of a professional plumber. You just need the right information, tools and materials to complete the work. To repair this slow draining bathtub, follow the steps below. The following work materials and tools are required.

Step 1: find the bathtub drain

The first step, to start fixing the bathtub drain connection is to locate and access the pipe connected to the bathtub. Usually, there is a panel behind the drain pipe to hide the pipe. Remove the panel from the wall and enter the pipe.

Step 2: pull out the drainage device of the bathtub

First, unscrew the screws of the drainage overflow plate with a screwdriver. When you open the panel and slowly pull it out, the old connection will also be pulled out. The old connecting rod will look like a cylinder or a spring, depending on the type of drain in your heart-shaped bathtub.

Step 3: check the disconnection of bathtub

When you pull out the drain connecting rod of the bathtub, the plunger is not pulled out with it, which means that it may have disconnected the connecting rod. In this case, you must find the plunger and take it out.

Step 4: find the bathtub drain assembly and remove it

There is usually a door panel that covers the door assembly. You can remove the panel door to completely expose the sewer for cleaning, or you can use a clothes hanger to pull out the connectors and other leftovers. All this material left inside may prevent the bathtub from draining effectively.

Step 5: find the bathtub drain socket

First, remove the upper pipe by unscrewing the nut supporting the pipe. By removing the panel, you can enter the pipe above. When you take out the pipe, you can see that the plunger must be placed on the drain socket. Remove the old plunger from this valve seat.

Step 6: install a new bathtub plunger

After cleaning the drain valve seat, install a new plunger and place it on the drain valve seat. Then install a new drain connection to the plunger. After completion, replace the upper pipe and cover the connection with putty.

Step 7: complete the installation of a new bathtub drain connection

When you correctly connect the connecting rod to the plunger, slide the whole mechanism into the upper pipe. When you slide it into the tube, make sure you hold it from one end of the tube.

Step 8: connect the connecting end to the bathtub panel

Finally, connect the end of the connecting rod you hold to the panel you remove. Fix it with a cotter pin. You must have got this pin when you bought a heart shape bathtub drain. And just turn the panel back can make work done.

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