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The Detailed Steps for Wall Hung Basin Installation

Many people use wall hung basins in small apartments to save bathroom space. Of course, the installation method of this kind of basin is different from that of ordinary pillar wash basins. Let KKR show you how to install wall mount basins. The specific installation methods of the wall mount basin are as follows:

(1) Determine the installation height of the lifting basin, and then determine the location. Draw the centerline, the recommended installation height is 820 mm, but it is ultimately determined according to the height of the family members.

(2) Place the edge of the washbasin on the centerline, adjust the position of the washbasin to the horizontal center, and then mark the position of the hole where the hanging screw needs to be installed on the wall.

(3) First remove the washbasin, then use an electric drill to drill the marked holes, insert the embedded parts, and finally install the suspension bolts so that each bolt is exposed to about 4.5 cm.

(4) Hang the washbasin on the suspension screws, level the flat basin, and finally install and fix the metal washers, rubber washers, and nuts.

(5) Place the small bracket of the wall hung basin bottom against the wall and try to be as close as possible to the bathroom after adjusting the position, then mark the fixing holes.

(6) Install the faucet and outlet assembly, and connect the inlet and outlet pipes. Please note that each interface needs to be wrapped with raw material tape to prevent water leakage.

(7) Finally, seal the gap between the washbasin and the wall with a sealant to prevent mold and stagnant water.

KKR uses high-quality solid surface materials and modern designs to manufacture wall mount basins. Our modern wall mount basins are good in terms of quality and appearance. We mainly advocate minimalism, and wall mount basin can give you a relaxed and comfortable feeling. The wall-mounted sink bathroom is antibacterial, wear-resistant, free of harmful substances, can be used for a long time and keep bright, clean, and new.

You can use it for a long time without worrying that it will turn yellow and dirty soon. In terms of the types of artificial stone wall hung basins, we provide you with small wall mount basins, deep wall mount basins, double wall mount basins, mini wall mount basins, rectangular wall mount basins, round wall mount basins, etc. You can choose from all the products above. Our products are popular in many countries and have a good reputation. The quality and price of solid surface wall mount basins are indisputable. Pick us and we will give you a good experience.

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