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The General Method of Washing Basins

It is very convenient to use tap water, but it has its own shortcomings. The source of tap water is mostly river water, and there will be more sediment in it. Over time, a layer of scale will form on the surface of the container. Even the wash basin is no exception. So how to clean wash basin? Take a look with us next!

1. Introduction of the wash basin

The wash basin is a wash utensil made of marble, artificial marble or other hard and firm waterproof materials, with water plugs and overflows inside. The wash basin is equipped with a double tap that can adjust the cold and hot water, or two single taps with obvious cold and hot water signs. There is a large glass mirror directly above the wash basin against the wall, which is designed for men's beard repair and women's make-up. There are also towel racks and washing racks on the side wall or above the wash basin, which are used to hang towels and place the cups, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. for washing.

2. How to clean wash basin

(1) Preparation: The first step is to prepare the tools. In the cleaning process, we must prepare the cleaning agent. If there is no multifunctional cleaning agent for countertop and ceramic, then we need to prepare the cotton cloth for cleaning.

(2) Cleaning: We pour the cleaning liquid into the wash basin, let the cleaning liquid fully cover the stains on the custom made wash basin, and set it still for 5 to 10 minutes. Use a cotton cloth to carefully clean the dirt in the wash basin. At this time, you find that the dirt is easy to clean up. Open the water pipe to wash away all the dirt that was cleaned up with water. Then you will find that the wash basin is clean again.

(3) Drying: After cleaning, we need to wipe the surrounding water with a dry towel to prevent the reappearance of scale and keep it in a dry environment. This will not only prevent the growth of dirt, but also prevent the production of bacteria.

It is not difficult to clean custom made wash basins, but we must pay attention to the fact that the detergents used should not cause damage to our wash basins, so those corrosive detergents cannot be used. In addition, cleaning the wash basin must be timely in order to play the best role.

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