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The Specific Performance Requirements and Standard of the Bathtub

The bathtub was once included in the list of netizens to improve the happiness of life. When you get home from get off work, take a hot bath to relieve the fatigue of a day's work and relax your tense brain. It is simply the most comfortable time to go home from get off work. Therefore, families who are more and more pursuing the quality of life have an increasing demand for standard bathtubs.

1. The standard of the bathtub

(1) Artificial stone bathtub

The artificial stone bathtub is made of environmentally friendly transparent resin, glass beads and aluminum stone powder and other materials through stirring, casting, splicing, and careful polishing.

At the same time, different colors can be deployed in the production process, so that it can get different beautiful appearance.

(2) Porcelain sanitary ceramics

Glazed ceramic products with water absorption ≤ 0.5% for sanitary facilities, which are made of clay or other inorganic substances by mixing, molding and firing at high temperature.

(3) Ceramic sanitary ceramics

Glazed ceramic products with 8.0%≤water absorption <15.0%, which are made of clay or other inorganic substances by kneading, molding and firing at high temperature, which are used as sanitary facilities.

(4) Acrylic bathtub

Glass fibre reinforced plastic bathtub in acrylic sheet.

(5) Gel coat bathtub

Glass fiber reinforced plastic bathtub with gel coat resin surface.

2. The service life of the bathtub

Some people are concerned about the service life of the standard bathtub, which has a lot to do with the material of the bathtub. For the most popular acrylic bathtubs on the market, the use of high-standard acrylic panels for bathtubs can maintain a service life of more than 10 years. Using ordinary acrylic or composite panels, the service life is between 5 and 10 years, and the instructions given by the manufacturer are probably like this. After the bathtub is installed, the fiberglass will be covered, and the human body has basically no chance to touch these things, except when it is repaired. Regarding the thermal insulation of bathtubs, whether it is an acrylic bathtub, a cast iron bathtub, a steel bathtub, a wooden bathtub, a faux stone bathtub etc., because the bathtub has a large opening, as long as the specifications and styles are similar, the thermal insulation difference caused by the material is minimal.

3. Some performance requirements for bathtubs

(1) For ordinary bathtubs, pay attention to the surface of the bathtub when you buy it, and also touch it with your hands. There should be no burrs, scratches, or defects. After all, the surface of the bathtub is in contact with the body for a long time.

(2) Check whether the bottom of the bathtub has a non-slip design. There are many people who are slipping while standing in the bathtub.

(3) Check whether the water sealing of the drain outlet of the bathtub is good or not. Some poor bathtubs will not be able to seal the water soon after use. Although it can be replaced, it takes time and many people find it troublesome.

(4) If it is a massage bathtub, it will involve the problem of the motor. Pay attention to check the specific parameters of the motor, especially the noise of the motor. The standard requirement is that it cannot exceed 45 decibels. No one wants to lie in the bathtub and listen to the ear. The humming noise is unpleasant.

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