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Wash Hand Basins of Different Sizes

In sanitary ware, the wash hand basin is naturally one of the indispensable tools. No matter what kind of wash hand basin, its size and height determine the comfort of use. And what we are going to introduce today is the size of the wash hand basin in order to select the appropriate wash hand basin size.

1. The minimum size of the wash hand basin

The size of the bathroom countertop wash hand basin should be determined according to the size of the bathroom. The smallest wash hand basin on the market has a length of 310mm, and other specifications are 330*360mm, 550*330mm, 600*400mm, 600*460mm, 800*500mm, 700*530mm, 900*520mm and 1000*520mm. Many companies now provide bathroom customization, which can produce wash hand basins according to the size and shape we require.

The size of the washbasin has some limits. The minimum width is 550mm, the other side is 600mm. Some bathrooms have reduced the washbasin to about 300mm in order to save space, but it is impossible that the washbasin only is as wide as 300mm. The countertop must be highlighted, which makes it inconvenient to place things. The other key is to leave a clearance of 50 mm from the center of the wash hand basin to the walls on both sides, which means that there must be a clearance of 1100 mm to put your countertop, otherwise it is narrow to use. So you can integrate above suggestions. In order to be more economical, some people even give up the installation of washbasin, they just set a washbasin on the floor for putting a soap or other stuff.

2. Different sizes of wash hand basin

(1) Ordinary wash hand basin size: The size of ordinary wash hand basin is 600mm*400mm, suitable for general decorated toilets.

(2) Vertical wash hand basin size: The size of the vertical wash hand basin is 750mm*450mm, which match small bathrooms.

(3) Corner basin size: Because corner basins occupies a small area, the general corner basin size is 650mm*450mm, which is suitable for smaller toilets.

(4) The size of table-top washbasins with and without rims: The size of table-top washbasins with rims and table-top washbasins without rims is 900mm*650mm, which is suitable for use in high-end toilets with larger space.

Finally, whether it is a free-standing or a countertop wash hand basin, the height of the pool or countertop should be 80-85cm above the ground. The exact size of the washbasin depends on the size of the bathroom, which depends on the specific situation. These are relevant knowledge about the wash hand basin, hope they can be helpful to you.

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