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What Are The Dimensions Of Wash Basin?

What Are The Dimensions Of Wash Basin

The bathroom decoration requires a wise designing and careful installation of wash basins. To make sure that our bathroom both practical and beautiful, we need to consider the shape, size, location and spaces that allow us to live in the home environment dedicated to handle personal hygiene. To use the wash basin conveniently, and without difficulties, its size must be match with the layout of bathroom.

Main points of this article

1. Standard size

2. Freestanding basin

3. Above counter basin

4. Wall mount basin

Standard wash basin size

The most standard sizes of wash basin range from 50 to 60 cm. But it's not a One size fits all answer, according to the size of bathrooom make appropriate adjustment is necessary. For large bathrooms, it is worth choosing a larger wash basin like 80 to 90 cm. To ensure complete use of the washbasin, the distance between the edge of the washbasin and the wall on which the washbasin is installed should be 40 cm. The distance to other components should be at least 20 cm. Just in front of the bathroom, it is worth saving about 70 cm as free space to make your moving more comfortable.

Freestanding basin

A truly beautiful wash basin - the pure ceramic one-piece basin and under body are independent. Free stand basin is 90 cm high and 30 cm wide and is suitable for any bathroom. The soft curves swept from the floor eventually bloomed in the basin, and the edges of the basins were very thin, giving the impression of a delicate flower. It is difficult to be a whole in a kiln. But we did it. From a design and technical point of view, this project is destined to become a classic in the wash basin industry.

Above counter basin

Generous and practical, this wash basin above counter will definitely get so much attention from your gust. Made of polished black marble, it has a unique tactile aura, but it is also very useful. Use it to see how it makes a difference to your bathroom. Thanks to the design of the edge of the basin above, you will feel unparalleled beauty in the bathroom.

Wall mount basin

Wall-mounted basin is a great sanitary equipment that is both practical and has fashion design, it's an ideal choice for any contemporary bathroom. At 50cm wide, this is a perfect decorative solution for a small size bathroom, but it still looks amazing in a larger bathroom, wall mount basin is made of  white lacquered plywood which is UV-resistant and glossy and it is 100 percent water resistance.

KKR is a 19-year-old company with a strong professional team that aims not only to provide you with the best bathroom wash basins, but also to provide the best service with its most effective and professional team. Our custom wash basin products are unparalleled and exemplary. As a responsible company, KKR's wash basin is an excellent design and combination of high quality, ecological, economical and safe water with leading-edge technology.

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