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What Are the Precautions for Installing a Bathtub?

If you want to have a good bathing experience when you come home every day, you must start with a bathtub. Lying in a huge bathtub, the body and mind get endless relaxation, this kind of experience is not available in the shower. According to the placement form of the bathtub, it can be divided into two types: freestanding bathtub and built-in bathtub. Different bathtubs must have different installation methods, and the places that need to be paid attention to are also different.

Ⅰ. The installation of a freestanding bathtub

A freestanding bathtub refers to a bathtub that is placed directly on the bathroom floor, with simple construction and easy maintenance. It is usually selected after the floor has been renovated. Installation precautions: Although the free-standing bathtub does not need to break ground, the installation method is still very particular, and there are many places to pay attention to.

(1) Consider the bathroom environment. First of all, it is necessary to determine the orientation of the bathtub according to the lighting, ventilation, wall and floor color conditions of the bathroom, etc. Among them, because the independent bathroom is the visual center of the entire bathroom, we need to pay attention to its matching effect with other facilities and colors in the bathroom.

(2) Consider the inlet and outlet of the bathtub. Before installing a bathtub, consider reserving the required inlet and outlet or channels. When placing the bathtub, it must be close to the wall, at least 20-30cm should be reserved, and a usable area of >2㎡ should be provided.

(3) It is more convenient to install, just connect the bottom with the drain port and the top with the water inlet pipe. Because the four corners supported by the bottom of the bathtub are relatively high, cleaning is also simple and convenient.

Ⅱ. The embedded bathtub installation

The so-called built-in bathtub means that the bathtub is fully or partially embedded into the countertop. This type of bathtub is easy to enter and exit, and is very suitable for people with disabilities. Installation Precautions:

(1) The low walls or reinforcing ribs around the bathroom bathtub need to have sufficient support and compact the surrounding sand.

(2) Do not use bricks or other hard objects to support the bottom of the bathtub, otherwise it will damage its glaze.

(3) Pay attention to the position of the bottom of the bathtub and the four surrounding corners, which must be fully and evenly stressed.

(4) It should be noted that the joint of the overflow pipe and the drain pipe of the bathtub should be tightly connected.

(5) When laying tiles, a sewer inspection port should be reserved. In order to ensure that the surface is not damaged, the tiles can be pasted on the access opening with glue. In this way, there is no need to worry about being visible from the outside, and it is also easy to remove the tiles during maintenance.

(6) Before installing the bathtub, you need to install the drainage accessories first, and do a 24-hour closed water test to observe whether there is water leakage at the joint.

(7) When placing the bathtub, it should also be noted that one end of the drain should be slightly lower than the other end, and the outer section should be slightly lower than the inner section.

(8) Since the actual size of the bathtub may be inconsistent with the nominal size, it is recommended to measure on site when purchasing and installing, and reserve a normal tolerance for installation.

(9) It is recommended that the sewer pipe be slightly inverted S-shaped, which is very useful for preventing odor.

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