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What Shape Is the Most Comfortable for a Domestic Bathtub?

After a day's tiredness and busyness, it's a pleasant thing to take a comfortable bath in the steaming bathtub! However, many people are not satisfied with the comfort of the bathtub after buying it. Some people are too tall and the conventional size is not suitable; Some people are large, and the internal capacity of the bathtub is too small, which seriously affects the bathing experience. At present, the more common household bathtubs in the market include rectangular bathtubs, square bathtubs, oval bathtubs, circular bathtubs and boat bathtubs. So, which shape is the most comfortable for the domestic bathtub?

1. Rectangular bathtub

Rectangular bathtub is a very common shape of domestic bathtub. Most families will choose this shape of bathtub.

(1) Characteristics of rectangular bathtub: the shape of rectangular bathtub is a regular rectangle, and the size is generally determined according to the actual demand and the size of family room. 1.5m and 1.7m standard size domestic bathtubs are the most popular because they match people's average height.

(2) Applicable decoration style: the rectangular bathtub has high requirements for the space of the bathroom, especially in terms of length. If the size of the bathtub is too small and the legs cannot be straightened, it will affect the comfort of the bath.

(3) Bath comfort: when taking a bath in a rectangular bathtub, the body can lie in the bathtub, and some bathtubs with large capacity can even fully extend the body.

2. Square bathtub

For some families with small bathroom area, there is not enough space to install bathtub in the bathroom, so square bathtub may be the best choice.

(1) Features of square bathtub: there is no sanitary dead corner inside the square bathtub, which is more convenient when cleaning.

(2) Applicable decoration style: the square bathtub covers a small area and requires less space in the bathroom. It can effectively use the corner space in the bathroom and is more suitable for families with small house type area.

(3) Bath comfort: in terms of comfort, the square bathtub is certainly not as good as the rectangular bathtub, because the area of the square bathtub is small and the body cannot be fully extended.

3. Oval bathtub

The size of the oval bathtub is similar to that of the rectangular bathtub, but it is easy to leave a narrow gap between the oval bathtub and the wall, so the oval bathtub had better not be placed against the wall.

(1) Features of oval bathtub: the oval bathtub is designed softer at the corners, and the gentle curve design is safer than the right angles of rectangular bathtub and square bathtub.

(2) Applicable decoration style: the curve design of the oval bathtub can bring "harmonious" beauty. It is suitable for most styles of bathrooms and belongs to a versatile shape.

(3) Bath comfort: the bath comfort of oval bathtub is higher than that of rectangular bathtub and square bathtub. Oval bathtub can not only stretch the body, but also make the streamline design softer and more comfortable when lying down.

4. Round bathtub

The circular bathtub has high requirements for the space of the bathroom, so for the small house type, the circular bathtub is not the best choice. However, for the room type with allowable space, the circular bathtub is the best choice, and can even become the biggest highlight of the bathroom.

(1) Features of round bathtub: the round design reflects the geometric aesthetics and brings a noble visual effect.

(2) The luxurious style of the Jacuzzi is more suitable for the luxurious style of the Jacuzzi, which is more suitable for the elegant style of the jacuzzi.

(3) Bath comfort: the round bathtub is no less than other bathtubs in bath experience. It has its own massage effect, and you can enjoy "family spa" at home.

5. Boat shaped bathtub

The boat shaped bathtub is more innovative. Compared with the traditional shape bathtub, the boat shaped bathtub is more favored by young people.

(1) Features of boat shaped bathtub: the overall shape of boat shaped bathtub is like a small boat, with one side high and one side low. Compared with the traditional rectangular bathtub, it has many innovative elements.

(2) Applicable decoration style: compared with the rectangular bathtub, the boat bathtub has a little more "romantic" atmosphere, showing a unique modern fashion style. Young people who pursue fashion are more suitable for this shape.

(3) Bath comfort: the boat shaped bathtub is also good in bath comfort. While maintaining "high appearance", it can also maintain high bath comfort, and the higher side can support the upper body to lie down.

No matter which shape of bathtub you choose, only the one suitable for you is the most comfortable. Therefore, when choosing a home bathtub, you need to go to a physical store to experience bathtubs of various shapes and choose a bathtub according to the actual situation, so as to choose the most comfortable bathtub.

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