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When Installing a Bathtub at Home, Consider These:

If the shower room is used to take a bath, so, bathtub is used to enjoy. At the end of the day work, it is enjoyable soak in the bathtub to wash off a tired body. More and more families want to install bathtub reasons. The bathtubs on market have differences, we today from the practical bathtub of bathroom, qualitative classification and modelling respect, analyze bathtub for everybody.

1. The practicality of the bathroom bathtub

(1) Judging from the frequency of use

A lot of people feel after work before the installation, they will soak in a bath, make full use of the bathtub to enjoy. But the reality is that many people just want to take a quick shower and rest after work. Therefore, it is suggested that before the installation, the family resident population together to imagine the actual use of bathtub frequency and use scenarios.

(2) Judging from family member structure

If there are children at home, it is recommended to install a bathtub, after all, it is more convenient for children to bathe. To the child, come in bathtub "roam the sea" imagination game, also be very happy. If there is an old man, considering security, it is also recommended to install a bathtub more convenient.

2. The material of the bathroom bathtub

At present, the common materials on the market are: artificial stone, acrylic, cast iron, steel plate and wood. And qualitative also decided price, use fixed number of years, weight, wearability, heat preservation sex and so on.

(1) Artificial stone bathtub

Artificial stone bathtub is made of environment-friendly transparent resin, glass beads and bauxite powder and other materials after mixing, casting, splicing carefully polished. The price is more expensive, suit economic budget enough, the family that pursues quality. Advantages: good heat preservation, anti-mildew antibacterial, good texture, rich modeling.

(2) Acrylic bathtub

This kind of bathtub price range from hundreds to thousands, suitable for those who have a little money or rent. Advantages: rich shape, light, good surface finish, easy to transport, easy to install, the most important is cost-effective. Disadvantages: not wear-resistant, easy to be dirty, not high temperature resistance.

(3) Cast iron bathtub

Cast iron bathtubs are made of cast iron and covered with enamel. The price ranges from two to three thousand yuan for a conventional bath to ten thousand yuan for a high-end bath. Advantages: low noise of water injection, wear-resistant and durable, easy to clean, excellent heat preservation. Disadvantages: relatively heavy, single modeling, transportation and installation are a problem, the price is on the high side.

(4) Steel plate bathtub

Steel plate bathroom bathtubs are the traditional materials for making bathtubs. Advantages: it has the characteristics of wear resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, weight between cast iron cylinder and acrylic cylinder, heat preservation effect is lower than cast iron cylinder, but the service life is long, the overall cost performance is higher. Disadvantages: because the steel plate is thin, the firmness is not enough, the noise is big, the surface is easy to take off the porcelain, the insulation performance is not good, so some add the insulation layer.

(5) Wooden bathtub

The wooden bathtub is made of hard wood, high density and good anticorrosion properties, with a pleasant feeling of nature. Advantages: environmental protection, easy installation, good heat preservation, deep cylinder, easy cleaning, safety. Disadvantages: the price is not cheap, need regular maintenance, late may leak deformation.

3. The shape of the bathroom bathtub

Bathroom bathtub is rectangular bathtub commonly, go to the lavatory rely on a wall to design, also go to the lavatory clean. In addition, if the bathroom space is larger, you can also choose a softer round tub. Additionally, the bathtub of elliptic shape, although dimension is basic with rectangle about the same, but do not suggest to rely on a wall directly, leave narrow seam to cause clearing trouble easily.

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